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How can I download the Different Tenant app on my phone?

We’ve built the app especially for you and downloading it’s simple.

  • Head to the Apple Store or Google play store and download the “Different Tenant” app
  • Create your account by signing in with your email address
  • You’ll be sent a verification code to your mobile. Enter the code into the app
  • Create your password
  • Set up your banking details for automated rental payments to keep your rent paid on time
  • E-sign the direct debit form
  • GREAT! Now you’re all set up :D
  • One last thing! Allow us to send you notifications about payments, maintenance and important messages. We promise to only send these when it’s really important.
    • iPhone - Go into your settings, select “Different Tenant App” and toggle ‘allow notifications’ to switch on.
    • Android - Go to the Different Tenant app, view your profile and toggle the switch to turn notifications on
  • You now have 24/7 access to your tenancy documents and rental payments. Plus, you can report any repairs and maintenance you may need, at anytime

Why should I set up a direct debit?

Setting up a direct debit with :Different will make your life easier. A direct debit payment in our system:

  • Is FREE! There are no extra charges
  • Automatically gets receipted to your property, tenancy and rent period
  • Allows you to ‘Set & Forget’ - no need to worry about scheduling a payment each time it’s due
  • Logs your payment history on the app, so you’ll always have access to an up to date rental ledger at any time
  • Notifies you by SMS if there are arrears
  • Provides you with a ‘Pay Now’ option (in the app) for arrears payments
  • Syncs to a report that updates as soon as dishonoured payments clear (so you’ll always have up-to-date information)

Is it safe to set up a direct debit with :Different?

Very safe & secure. Different uses DEFT, a payment system provided by Macquarie Bank, and used by many large organisations across Australia.. If you are concerned about data security, here’s how Different and DEFT work together to keep your data secure.

  • The Different Tenant app is developed by the Different Engineering team and it does not store your bank account information
  • The app is available via App Store and Google Play only. As part of the process to publish an app to App Store or Google Play, Apple and Google both undertake a security audit. Apple and Google don’t permit any app to be available on their platforms if the app stores bank account information.
  • The only platform that the Different Tenant app connects to is our API (programming software). The API is managed internally by the engineering team and regularly audited.
  • The Different Tenant app and the Different API establish a connection to exchange data. The data transferred between the Different Tenant app and the Different API is encrypted (which safeguards against potential hackers attempting to steal your data). This is the same approach that many big companies use to communicate in a secure way.
  • The Different API delivers bank account information to Macquarie’s Bank DEFT payment system. The communication between the Different API and DEFT is also encrypted.

How can I trust that you are actually my new agent?

If the owner has engaged our agency to manage their property, we will send you an email and CC the previous property manager in the email to confirm that we are the newly appointed managing agents.

Once we collect the file from the current agent, we will have all the relevant information regarding your tenancy. This file includes your current lease agreement, ledger, entry condition report and application form. This information will all be available to view on the ‘Different Tenant’ app. When you download the Different Tenant app, you’ll see all this information, to give you added reassurance that we are your new managing agents.

Who is :Different?

:Different is a property management agency servicing customers in Sydney, Central Coast and Melbourne. We’ve created clever technology and combined that with experienced agents to provide our customers with a better experience. We understand that communication and transparency are so important, and that’s why we’ve created an app that gives you access to your information - as well as direct contact with our experienced agents - 24/7. We resolve repair and maintenance issues quickly and efficiently.

Plus, we build our own technology from scratch, which means that we are continuously improving our systems and processes each and every day to provide our customers with a more enjoyable experience.

How can I provide feedback?

We take feedback seriously! We love hearing what you have to say and how we could improve. We are always considering how we can apply the feedback we receive to solve problems and make real improvements.. We are here to make your lives easier, so if you think there’s something that could do this for you, please reach out :)

Why do I need to download the Different Tenant app?

Think of the app as your own personal go-to rental portal, which will provide you with updates of what you need to know about your tenancy.

  • If you want to check when your lease expires, you’ll find a copy of your lease in the app.
  • If you want to report a repair or maintenance issue, there’s a repairs tab where you can make the report and take photos/videos of the problem.
  • If you want to see how your last rental inspection went, there’s a documents tab where you can see your last inspection.
  • If you want to know where your rent is paid up to, there’s a payments tab where you can view your full history of payments.

....And loads more! We’ve created this app to give you complete transparency, and to make renting totally convenient for you. Put simply, it will help make your life that little bit easier.