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Buying and sellingVIC Updates
The past week has seen a number of new reforms to VIC Residential Tenancies Act that will affect current and potential property owners. Read below our summary of what’s been announced and how it could...
02 August 2019   |   Team :Different
Buying and sellingTop 5 tips for auction bidding your new investment property
Whether this is your first or fifth auction, bidding can be intimidating. Here are our auction tips for setting yourself up for winning the property you want for a fair price.
02 August 2019   |   Team :Different
Buying and sellingTop 3 legal tips for buying a property
To avoid being out of pocket thousands of dollars, disappointed with your investment purchase or being a party to a lawsuit, be sure to consider these few points of legal advice when purchasing a prop...
21 October 2018   |   Ida Samara