How are we :Different?

Published 1 June 2020 - Updated a year ago

1. We’re rebuilding how property management is (traditionally) done

We are :Different because we're constantly trying to improve the way property management is done: exceptional service from property experts paired with smart technology available at your fingertips. We don’t believe anyone can match us on this offering.

When our co-founders Mina & Ruwin (hailing from the tech giants Google & Uber in Silicon Valley) put their attention on the property management industry, they realised something had to change: landlords weren’t happy, tenants weren’t happy, even property managers weren’t happy! The whole industry was crying out for an overhaul. Their solution? Bring their expert knowledge on smart technology to the forefront of property management and combine it with the tried and tested expert: real life property agents.

The result is what we are today: a proactive property management company (yes, we have real people!) that is powered by intelligent tech working around the clock 24/7 to make everyone’s lives easier. And because this technology picks up a lot of day-to-day work that agents in traditional companies would do, it frees up our people to do the important stuff.

You can learn more about the :Different team here

2. Our customers love us

On average, our customers rate us 9.4/10 – much higher than the industry average. Everything we do is to ensure our customers love us, we work hard to make every experience delightful & take away all the hard work and stress that landlords and tenants usually feel.

How we do this goes back to point #1: our technology does a lot of the heavy lifting (and never sleeps!) so you are always a click away from anything you need. And for everything else, our team of property experts are on call to solve problems & help out.

Try out our owner portal, or learn more about our Owner App.

3. Our flat fee which is fair & transparent

Skeptics will try to find loopholes but we're fully transparent about our fees, with a $30/week plus GST ongoing management fee.

We operate on a model of transparency (we want our customers to love us remember?) so you know what you’re getting upfront.

See what’s included in our flat fee of $30/week plus GST

Need to find a tenant for your place? This is an additional service to our management fee and we charge:

  • A leasing fee: 1 week's rent plus GST
  • A marketing fee: $350 plus GST
  • If you need professional photos, we charge an extra $150 plus GST to organise pics that will make your property ad pop!

    You can learn more about this charge & how we find the best high-quality, long-term tenants for your place here.

4. Peace of mind is key

We want our landlords to know they can rest easy when they join :Different. Alongside our amazing people & intelligent tech, we have a few more extras to create peace of mind:

At the core of everything we do here at :Different is creating an amazing experience that resonates with property investors and makes their lives easier. This may start with our flat fee of $30/week plus GST, but it goes much deeper: we are building a team of the best property experts whilst also constantly improving our technology to make it easy to use and (most importantly) useful for landlords & tenants.

We are here to build something :Different and we are excited to bring you along on this journey.

Also, :Different provides real estate news, market insights, and guides for its stakeholders to keep them up to date with the industry.

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