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Published 30 September 2020 by Team :Different

Here at :Different, we have a team-based approach to managing properties. This approach ensures we can deliver a more dedicated, specialised service for our owners and their tenants.

The secret behind our success is the superpower behind our team of property experts: our smart technology. 

Whilst we invest in building a team of the best minds in real estate, we are simultaneously investing in our technology and building a team of the best engineers and tech experts.

These aren't people you would deal with day-to-day. You can think of them as the stage crew, working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the performance goes perfectly.

Technology powering our team

Investing in technology has allowed us to offer a better experience for both our owners and their tenants, as well as our own team. A saying we like to use at :Different, let humans do what humans do best and let technology do the rest. We benefit from the efficiencies that our technology affords us, and so we can pass these efficiencies over to our owners, in the form of a lower, flat fee. 

Thanks to our smart tech working hard behind the scenes, we can ensure everyone in our team (across the nation) can access all information to do with your property and your tenants and be there to help when they are needed.

owner app screenshot

Your owner app

Your owner app is the (digital) key to your property

Your owner app puts in you full control of your property. Enjoy 24/7 access to what's going on and keeping you looped in on any updates or requests that need your attention. 

💸 Easily track all ingoing and outgoing income and expenses as well as access any historic data

📲 Know what needs your attention with push notifications and a quick view home page

🛠 Review and manage any pending maintenance all in just a few clicks

📄 Keep an eye on your lease, with all details available at the push of a button

⚡️ Save yourself hours at tax time with one simple click to download your EOFY Pack

💬 Chat with our team on the go with in-app messaging

Learn more about the owner app here

Benefit from smart tech + a team of property experts

Switch to :Different today and start saving time & stress right away

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tenant app screenshot

Dedicated Tenant App

Being a tenant doesn't have to be a pain. We make it easy & enjoyable. Our tenant app is a dedicated app for your tenants where they can organise their rent payments and (importantly) log maintenance requests. 

With their app, your tenants can easily:

  • Organise and pay their rent
  • Report maintenance issues with simple prompts to ensure accurate reporting
  • Get real-time status updates on any current maintenance requests
  • Access any important documents or information to do with their lease

Learn more about the tenant app

Online Owner Portal

Your online portal is there for you when you want to dig a bit deeper and gain more info on your property. Login and see the latest maintenance requests, download your statements and talk to the team.

Check out an online demo of the owner portal in action

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, our system works to keep track of every little thing that happens with your property, in a single view that every member of our team can access. This means you won't have to repeat yourself and every team can offer a dedicated service, specific to your and your tenant's needs.

Also, :Different provides real estate news, market insights, and guides for its stakeholders to keep them up to date with the industry.

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