Meet the team

Published 02 April 2020 by Team :Different

Here are :Different, we take a team-based approach to managing your property. New to the concept? Read more about it here.

Your team is made up of members from our national team plus state-based experts. You are more than likely to talk to any and all of the friendly faces below:

Mina Radhakrishnan

Mina is the co-founder of :Different and has worked in global giants such as Uber, Google and Goldman Sachs. Having started out as employee number 20 in Uber, she understands how tech can make a massive difference in people’s lives and hopes :Different will do just that. Mina looks after product, design, engineering and customer support. 

 Fun Fact: Mina is a former competitive scrabble champ.

Reji Eapen

Reji is the Head of Finance at :Different and has years of experience working at many global financial institutions such as Ernst & Young, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and UBS Investment Bank. He manages everything related to our finances from accounts to disbursements to rent payments.

 Fun Fact: Reji is also an investment property owner and a registered real estate agent.

Jethro Cohen

Jethro is leading areas of Operations for Australia at :Different with a focus on customer experience having worked at global giants such as Uber, PWC and Apple previously. His role involves efficiently responding to maintenance requests as well as finding and retaining the best tradespeople for our customers. 

 Fun Fact: Jethro is a Tassie boy and loves giving travel advice to those who have never visited the Apple Isle.

Keely Borg

Keely is an Operations Manager for NSW and comes from a family of builders with a wealth of experience working in property management. She is always liaising between tradespeople and maintenance to ensure your property is well taken care of and repairs are being responded to quickly and efficiently. 

When will you hear from her?You will hear from Keely when maintenance requests come through for your property or when tradespeople quotes need to be organised.

 Fun Fact: Keely comes from a family of builders and property is in her blood!

Danielle Bunton

Danielle is part of the Victoria Operations team and has 12 years of property management experience, having worked her way from a junior level to a senior manager she understands what makes for an exceptional customer experience. Her experience working across Victoria’s leading agencies such as Biggin & Scott and Barry Plant has allowed her to be well versed in the Melbourne real estate sphere and everything related to management tasks. 

When will you hear from her? You will hear from Danielle in regards to tenancy legislations and real estate law as she is happy to assist with negotiations. Aside from that, she also manages day to day tasks and responds to general customer enquiries. 

Fun Fact:Danielle is a huge foodie and used to be a personal trainer.

Paige McDonald

Paige is an Operations Manager for Victoria and hails from both a property management and customer service background and has combined these experiences to produce a seamless and exceptional property management experience for all of :Different’s tenants and landlords. She manages lease renewals and maintenance and is happy to answer any general inquiries when they pop up. 

When will you hear from her? Paige will be here to answer any of your enquiries or questions and will usually be in contact for matters in relation to maintenance and lease renewals. 

Fun Fact: Paige has a passion for travelling and has visited 11 countries so far.