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Published 2 April 2020 - Updated 12 days ago

"Nice to meet you, I'm Mike, your new property manager, Sharon has left the business, and I'm taking over your account."

Does this sound familiar? For many owners, this is a relatable experience, feeling like a pass the parcel going from one property manager to another.

When we say we are rebuilding property management, we mean it. At :Different we have a team-based approach to management. On top of having a personal Property Partner who you can contact if you're looking to speak to a trusted, personal advisor, we also give you an entire team of experts ready to help you and your tenants when you need it.

One team, one dream

You’ve heard the term ‘one team, one dream’ - here at :Different, we live by this motto. We pride ourselves on delivering best-in-class service to our owners and tenants and the key to this success is in our team-based approach to management.

What is a team-based approach? 

Put simply, our team-based approach means you have the right person taking care of the right issue – straight away. Thanks to our smart tech working hard behind the scenes, we can ensure everyone in our team (across the nation) can access all information to do with your property and your tenants and be there to help when they are needed.

We believe the traditional model is ready for a shakeup. On top of a personal Property Partner, we also give you an entire team of experts, ready to deliver excellent service in the area they know best.

A single inbox

Talking with multiple people from our team may sound tiring and confusing, but rest assured: from your end it is as simple and seamless as we can make it. All emails go through our single inbox: hello@different.com.au, from there it gets directed to the right person. Easier still, jump onto your owner portal or owner app and you can book a call or talk directly with the team there.

"We believe the traditional property management model is ready for a shakeup"

Lag-free, consistent service

Gone are the days where a sick day or cheeky holiday will get in the way of answering your or your tenant’s questions. No handover is ever needed as our entire team are able to access all historical data and past communications to do with your property and can jump in straight away.

As our technology also automates many of our daily processes, this creates more time for us to focus on the customer service and support side of things.

The best person, every time

Every member in our team is highly specialised in their given department. We want your inquiry to go straight to the right person.

💵 Our finance team, made up of chartered accountants, handle all money matters and ensure you get paid.

🛠 If something breaks, our maintenance team are there to help. Made up of experienced property managers, they are dedicated to organising maintenance requests and finding the best tradies in our network for your quotes. 

🔑 Need new tenants? Our leasing team, headed up by Kasey McDonald, works tirelessly to find you the most suitable, long-term tenants.

🔎 To ensure your property is kept in tip-top condition, our dedicated routine inspections team are there to conduct every ongoing, outgoing and routine inspection with care and attention to detail.

We think you get the picture.

Meet the team

Want to put faces to their names? Meet the team working hard behind the scenes to take care of your and your property here!

Talk to a local property expert

Want to have a chat with a member of our team? No worries, book a time that suits you!

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