Full-stack Engineer (Growth)


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We’re rebuilding rental property management from the ground up. An entrepreneurial and versatile software engineer is needed to join our team to help accelerate growth and generate demand.

Your mission

  • Build software solutions and user journeys to facilitate our business growth
  • Initial focus it to build a full online signup journey
  • Run experiments on our website, landing pages 
  • Ensure all products and features used by our growth team are running smoothly

Be part of changing property management

Being part of a startup is the most rewarding and challenging thing you’ll ever do. Here’s what you’ll be part of:

  • Shaking up a complacent industry - don’t you want to be part of the team that makes renting property an incredible experience for all parties?
  • Global ambitions - with the scale of technology and efficient operations, we have ambitions to be the largest provider globally
  • Intelligent technology - we’re a property tech company building software and systems to deliver a self-serve experience to owners and tenants while increasing efficiency to keep management costs down
  • Happy customers - this isn’t innovative...but something the industry has neglected. We go over and above and want to create a business that people love

Your special talents

  1. User interface wizard - you take an interest in user experience and driven to deliver a great user journey
  2. Versatile - you’re comfortable context-switching regularly with multiple projects going on at once
  3. Full-stack with frontend passion - approximately 80% frontend, 20% backend, focused on React, Node, with strong HTML/CSS
  4. Entrepreneurial - you can think about what you’re building in the context of the business and you show initiative with your own projects and ideas
  5. Relentless optimiser - you understand that the first attempt is never the best attempt and continuously aim to experiment
  6. Crafty and creative - we don’t do boring, we do something different. You need to be able to deliver engaging and unique messages


  • Bachelor degree or equivalent experience
  • Deep knowledge of React or JS and openness to tackle new languages
  • 3+ years of development experience, working in agile teams with a modern tech stack
  • Willingness to embrace the thrills and challenges startup life

About :Different

:Different is a venture-backed, high-growth company, hailed as a disruptor by major media and making waves in the 4 billion dollar property management sector (in Australia alone). Our founders have come from Google and Uber in Silicon Valley, building out a team of the best and brightest in their fields.

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