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Common questions investors like you ask about rental appraisals

What is a rental appraisal?

A rental appraisal provides insight into the expected rent value of an investment property. It takes into account numerous attributes and data points to provide you with an overview of the rental yield you can expect. This includes:

  • Historical market data for similar properties in your area and surrounding suburbs
  • Current market conditions for similar properties
  • Available inventory on the market
  • Vacancy rates
  • Overview of suburb trends
Why do I need a rental appraisal?

A rental appraisal is an important document because it arms you with data and knowledge to maximise the returns from your investment property. The market is constantly evolving and it's important that you stay you stay informed, especially when you are embarking on a leasing campaign to secure new tenants. It's also useful to conduct a rental appraisal when your existing lease agreement is nearing its end. 

A rental appraisal helps surface opportunities for you to increase the appeal of your investment property to potential tenants, which can pave the way for you to increase the rent and therefore maximise the return on your investment. At :Different, a rental appraisal is a standard document that we provide to all potential owners, and our local property experts are always here to talk you through the contents of the report.

What is :Different’s approach to finding great tenants?

Finding you a good tenant is probably the most important thing we do.

Once we have applications, we evaluate tenants thoroughly so we can stand behind our recommendations. Any tenant we place will have been checked across the major tenancy databases. We know bad tenants often provide old, or even forged written references, so we call references. We will verify income and employment tenure. Bad tenants may fudge these points - our legally compliant, structured interview process helps us identify those who are trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

Where does the rental appraisal data come from?

We use a combination of internal data from similar properties we have leased in your area and surrounding suburbs, along with data from third-party providers that specialise in real estate.

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