Landlord insurance for everyone

Comprehensive coverage that's free in your first year. Simple.

Free coverage in the first yearFree coverage in the first year

Landlord insurance is the foundation of our Landlord Protection Plan



Includes rent default, eviction and more



Covered for tenant damage and other issues



Free for 1st year. Discounted/optional in future years

Comprehensive coverageComprehensive coverage

Relax. If something unexpected happens, you’re insured.

Rent default leading to legal eviction

Damage/theft by a tenant

Breaking of lease

Legal liability

Legal expenses

Uninhabitable building

Tenant hardship

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Quick info

:Different pays for the first year of insurance. What happens in year 2?

In future years, :Different subsidises your insurance, so that it’s significantly cheaper than comparable landlord insurance. Your rent guarantee continues at no additional cost, as long as you have :Different Landlord Insurance, and Different is managing your property.

Does every property qualify for the Landlord Protection Plan?

The vast majority do, but some don’t. E.g., Ground floor homes in flood zones, homes in bushfire zones, and heritage listings that haven’t been rewired and replumbed in the past 20 years.

Does the insurance cover building or contents, or both?

The insurance covers contents only. Building insurance is available from our provider (Breeze Insurance) for an additional fee. If you’d like this, we’ll put you in touch with our service partner Modern Risk Solutions.