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Purchase landlord contents insurance when you switch to :Different property management for complete peace of mind. Terms and conditions apply.

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Peace of mind with the exclusive :Different x ShareCover partnership

We've joined forces with ShareCover to provide a customised and exclusive policy for all our :Different owners. You can be confident in knowing that ShareCover is proudly backed by IAG, one of the most trusted and respected insurance brands in the regions in which it operates. IAG's businesses underwrite over $11billion of premiums per annum, selling insurance under many leading brands including NRMA Insurance and CGU.

What’s covered in the policy?

Purchase our exclusive landlord contents insurance including rent default when you join :Different so you can rest easy.

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Rent default - $18,000 with pandemic exclusion

Rent default legal expenses - $10,000 sub-limit

Loss of Rent during repairs - $52,000 or 52 weeks

Loss of Rent (uninhabitable or unsafe) - $52,000 or 52 weeks

Prevention of access (Loss of Rent) - $52,000 or 52 weeks

Death of sole tenant (Loss of Rent) - $52,000 or 52 weeks

Damage by tenant - $70,000

Theft by tenant - $70,000

Contamination - $70,000

Contents sum insured- $70,000

Whether you own one or multiple properties, our exclusive landlord contents insurance policy gives you unmatched benefits 

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Say goodbye to hours spent researching and evaluating quotes. Receive complete peace of mind with easy auto-renewal.

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Our landlord insurance policy is competitively priced and will save you money.

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Backed by IAG, Australia's largest general insurance group.

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Does the policy include building insurance?

Insurance only includes landlord contents plus rent default.

We can also offer you building insurance at an additional cost.

Speak to our team to learn more about how you can bundle and save.

Check if we service your area

Answer a few questions about your property and we'll send you a competitive quote.

If you like what you see our service partner, Modern Risk Solutions, will issue the building insurance policy.

To make the process easy for you, we can take care of the premium directly from your owner account with us.

Take advantage of a low touch process every year where we can auto-renew the building insurance alongside your contents insurance.

Unlock even more value with :Different

As a full-service property management company, we believe in doing things differently.

In our quest to rebuild property management from the ground up, we asked owners what was most important to them.

Peace of mind ranked as one of the most important factors.

Our landlord contents insurance policy offers unmatched benefits and makes your life as an investor easier.

Contact our team to learn more about our landlord contents insurance or our property management services.

Great value landlord contents insurance for $349.50 (inc GST).

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$30/week flat and fair management fee

Stay informed and in control of your property, all delivered at an affordable and transparent price.

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Common questions owners ask about landlord insurance

What is landlord insurance?

Landlord insurance is a type of insurance policy that is specifically designed for property owners who are renting out a property to tenants. It protects them from the common risks associated with renting out their investment property that can leave them out of pocket, such as renters not being able to pay their rent, or accidental damage caused by unforeseen events.

What does landlord insurance cover? 

The main things our landlord contents insurance policy will cover you for are the following:

  • Accidental loss or damage (including deliberate acts and malicious damage or vandalism)
  • Loss of Rent including Rent default (with a pandemic exclusion)
  • Legal Expenses
  • Legal Liability
  • Tenant Hardship

You can have a read over the full Product Disclosure Statement for more information on what's covered and what's not. Read our Target Market Determination (TMD) here.

Do I need landlord insurance?

We would absolutely recommend having landlord insurance for peace of mind, as unfortunately, unexpected events can occur with your investment property.

Whilst we will select the best tenants for your property, we can’t predict the future and there are a few common occurrences which can affect your tenant’s ability to pay rent. These can include your tenant losing their job, suffering from an illness or a relationship breakdown.

Having landlord insurance could save you significant losses in the long run!

How much is landlord insurance?

The price of the landlord insurance policy is $349.50, including GST and all taxes and fees.

How does the Rent Guarantee work?

Our exclusive Rent Guarantee is available to all owners who have their insurance cover through :Different. The Rent Guarantee is not insurance, but rather a service we offer to help given owners predictability in their cash flows. If you qualify, and your tenant is more than 5 days late on their rent payment, we’ll pay their rent and follow up with them to recover this. The Rent Guarantee is a separate service we provide and is not part of our landlord insurance. However, to qualify for the Rent Guarantee, you must have our landlord insurance through us, and you must also read and sign the Rent Guarantee Terms and Conditions when you sign up with us.

Is your landlord contents insurance the same as building insurance?

No, landlord contents insurance and building insurance are two different things.

Our landlord contents insurance will cover you for contents and also tenant related risks, such as loss of rental income due to property damage from unexpected events such as a fire or storm, rental default if your tenants leave without paying outstanding rent, damage or loss to your property in the case of malicious damage or theft and landlord liability insurance.

Does landlord insurance cover loss of rent?

Yes, our :Different-ShareCover landlord contents insurance is specially designed to also cover loss of rent or rent default up to $18,000. However, there is a general exclusion on claims related to a pandemic. Therefore, if your tenant defaults on rent and can prove this was due to a pandemic, the rent default provision will not be claimable.

Does landlord insurance cover tenants belongings?

No, the insurance policy will not cover your tenant's belongings, but it will cover your contents that are situated at the property eg: curtains, blinds, internal blinds; furniture and appliances that aren’t built-in and swimming pools, saunas and spas that aren’t permanently fixed.

Does landlord insurance cover tenant damage?

Yes. The insurance will cover any accidental or malicious damage or loss to the property from the tenants, and or their visitors and family.

How do I make a landlord insurance claim? What documents do I need?

To submit a landlord insurance claim, we will need some or all of the following documents depending on the type of claim:

  • Lease agreement
  • Policy Number
  • Owners full name
  • Insurance policy
  • Tenants name (the only time to give tenant number, if needs access )
  • The issue that has occurred with the timeline of events in detail
  • Photos
  • Quotes or receipts for claim
  • Entry condition report and routine inspections

We will have most of this information already for you, so if you wish to make or start a claim, you can do so by contacting :Different and we can manage your claim for you.

Does every property qualify for landlord insurance policy?

The vast majority do, but some don’t. E.g. Ground floor homes in flood zones, homes in bushfire zones, and heritage listings that haven’t been rewired and replumbed in the past 20 years. You can talk to our team to understand the full list of exclusion postcodes.

Does the insurance cover buildings or contents, or both?

The landlord insurance covers contents only plus rent default. Building insurance is available from ShareCover at an additional fee to you. If you’d like this, we’ll put you in touch with our service partner Modern Risk Solutions to get you a quote specific to your property.

Can I get building insurance for my property?

Yes, ShareCover, backed by IAG, offers a comprehensive building insurance product.

However, some properties such as strata apartments, may not require building insurance as it is usually covered in your strata payments.

If you’d like building insurance, we’ll put you in touch with our service partner Modern Risk Solutions to get you a quote specific to your property.

What happens to my landlord insurance if I terminate my management agreement with :Different?

For complete peace of mind and continuity of coverage, if you decide the purchase landlord insurance, we will always auto-renew your landlord insurance policy on your behalf (unless otherwise instructed in writing). Payment for this renewal is made from your owner account with us.

If you decide to terminate your management agreement, you can choose to take the policy with you, or we can arrange for a pro-rated refund from the management termination date. If you decide to get insurance elsewhere or simply not renew the policy, we can also arrange a pro-rated refund on your behalf.

I got my insurance from :Different a while back, what does this mean for me?

Prior to September 2020, our landlord insurance policies were issued by Breeze, underwritten by Hollard Insurance. If your Breeze policy was renewed before 1 May 2020, click here to view the PDS. For Breeze policies renewed from 1st May 2020, please click here to view the PDS. For ShareCover policies issued prior to March 24, 2021, please click here to the view the PDS.

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