Radically simple property management fees

At :Different, we only ever charge you three fees. That's it!

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Fixed fees


No calculations


Transparent & fair

Why our $100/month management fee is better for property investors like you   

It’s fair

Why should you pay a percentage-based fee when the work required to manage a property doesn’t vary by weekly rent? 

It’s transparent

You know exactly what you’re getting with :Different, with zero surprises  

It’s simple

It's so easy that you'll never forget how much your paying 

82% of property owners say they pay more that $100/month. Are you one of them?

The data is in! We've surveyed over 2,500 investment property owners to understand just how much they are forking out each month and you're almost guaranteed to save by switching to :Different.

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Most agents charge you extra for things we include as standard 

Other agents

Property takeover


Routine inspections


Web portal for owners


Mobile app for tenants


Bills management (strata, water, council etc)


Lease preparation


Lease renewal


Landlord insurance (free for 1st year & valued at $350)


Organise maintenance and repairs


Monthly administration


Exclusive Rent Guarantee (t&c's apply)


Calculate how much you'll save by switching to :Different

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With :Different, you’d save:


* Assumes 18-month average tenancy length and 1.5 weeks of rent leasing fee for current agent. Saving figure includes FREE first-year landlord insurance.Get Started

Need new tenants? We've got you covered

The other fees we charge only apply if you need new tenants.  One is a marketing fee, and other is the leasing fee. Both are fixed prices. 

A flat marketing fee that includes

  1. Premium advertising on realestate.com.au and domain.com.au 
  2. Professional photography  
  3. Property ad written by our marketing team

This is comprised of:

  • Premium advertising = $350 in NSW and VIC, or $250 if your property is in QLD
  • Professional photography = $150 (all states) 

If you already have high-quality professional photos, we can waive the $150. 

A flat $500 leasing fee that includes 

  1. A dedicated leasing agent to manage your campaign 
  2. Rental appraisal
  3. Mid-week and weekend open homes
  4. Feedback collection from every open home attendee with SMS & email updates 30 mins after the open
  5. Wholistic tenant screening: tenancy database check and employment & rental history reference checks
  6. Comprehensive lease preparation: bond management, key preparation, holding deposit and detailed ingoing condition report
  7. Compliance (fire, water, cleanliness, pool) and Fair Trading & Consumer Affairs compliance

Please note!

Other agents typically charge 1 or 1.5 weeks rent. But is this really fair when the work involved to lease a property that rents for $300/week is the same as one that rents for $800/week?

Learn more about our approach to leasing

Bundle and save! If you own multiple investment properties, you can bundle your managements and save 16% on each property.

For every additional properties you sign with us, you’ll receive 2 months free on both you new property and your current property  

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Common questions other owners ask about our property management fees

What servces can I expect in your property management fees? 

Our full-service property management includes the day to day operations involved in managing your property, handling maintenance requests, routine inspections, finding you suitable tenants, attending tribunal hearings + plus more. You'll also receive free first year landlord insurance and rent guarantee.

What's the fee structure like? 

We charge a flat property management fee of $100 per month inc GST.

We don’t think it’s fair for landlords to pay percentage fees. For property management, the work required to manage a property is the same regardless of the weekly rent. Some property managers will tell you otherwise. Ask yourself if that makes sense.

For finding new tenants, we charge a flat leasing fee of $500 plus a $500 marketing fee (including GST) in NSW and VIC ($400 in QLD). The leasing and marketing fee is only ever able if you need new tenants for your property.

For letting, it’s the same amount of work to sign a six month lease or a twelve month lease. Unlike many agencies, our fee includes double-sized premium plus advertising (~$250) and measurements of key rooms.

Does $100 mean your low cost / budget service?

Absolutely not! To get an indication the amazing service we deliver other owners like you, you can read our unfiltered reviews here.

How do you offer a great service at this price?

For traditional agencies, property management is a very profitable, recurring revenue stream.

  • Property management fees make up ~50% of revenues for most agencies.
  • Typical property managers earn around $60K and manage ~150 properties.
  • When real estate agents sell their companies, they are valued on the basis of their rent rolls.

Because they charge such high percentage-based property management fees, they can afford to be inefficient and hire property managers cheaply.

Our goal is to provide unparalleled service, at a much lower fee. To do this, we started with a clean sheet of paper, and built a proprietary property management platform that automates a lot of the work that traditional agents need to do manually today.

Our technology works 24x7, doesn’t need to take a vacation and doesn’t demand a paycheque. It also doesn’t forget to follow up on what needs to be done.

We know that good property management is about more than technology. It needs people to make the right decisions. That’s why we hire smart people with common sense who focus their time on the problems that only people can solve. And those people own part of the company so they’re motivated to grow the business sustainably.

We are more efficient in everything we do and we pass those savings back to you.

How do I switch my property to :Different?

:Different offers a fixed fee full-service property management service for owners and operates an app for tenants to easily access their information and raise maintenance issues. This blend of technology and experienced agents ensure both tenants and owners experience a seamless renting experience through both transparency and efficient communication.

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