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Why :Different is a better choice in Auburn

Managing your property with :Different

Managing with a traditional agent

Fixed fee means you know exactly how much you're paying


A team of specialised experts looking after your property and tenants


Check on your property on-the-go with our mobile app for owners


Easy maintenance approvals using our mobile app for owners


Peace of mind with our free first year landlord insurance



% free based on rental income with extra fees


Stress of your property manager leaving every 12 months


Poor communication that keeps you in the dark


Countless calls, emails and messages to address issues


Pay for landlord insurance out of your own pocket


With :Different you will get full service property management plus so much more. We combine smart tech with property experts to deliver above and beyond service.

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More info about Auburn and rental market trends in the area

Median Rental Price
4%Rental Yield
4%Rental Yield
Median Sold Price
28%5 year growth
11%5 year growth
Annual Growth

FAQs about property management in Auburn

Which areas of Auburn do you service?

We offer property management services in Auburn and all surrounding suburbs. To check if we service your area, use our location checker.

How much do traditional property managers charge in Auburn?

Traditional property management agencies have multiple fees that are confusing to understand. In Auburn, management fees are typically charged on a percentage of rent at 6.2%, and then on multiple fees added for a host of admin related tasks such as inspections, annual statements and administrative tribunals.

How much does :Different full service property management cost in Auburn?

At :Different, our pricing is simple. You'll only ever pay three fees. The management fee is a fixed $100/month inclusive of GST. The other two fees are only applicable if you need to find new tenants,. in which case you pay $500 for leasing and a $500 marketing fee for NSW, which includes premier listings on Realestate.com.au (securing 4.5x more enquiries and 3.8x more views on your listing) and platinum listings on Domain.com.au.

Are there any costs incurred on top of the management fee in Auburn?

For finding new tenants in Auburn, we charge a flat leasing fee of $500 plus a $500 marketing fee (including GST).

What is included in your full service property management offering in Auburn?

Our full service property management includes the day to day operations involved in managing your property, handling maintenance requests, routine inspections, finding you suitable tenants, attending tribunal hearings + plus more. You'll also receive free first year landlord insurance and rent guarantee.

How much can I save by moving my Auburn investment property to Different?

To calculate how much you can save by switching to :Different, simply use our savings calculator.

Do you have an office in Auburn?

We don't have an office in Auburn specifically as we believe that technology has changed the way people use a whole range of services, including real estate. Most of what we do can be handled online and by our team of mobile local experts. However, if the need arises, we do have a Sydney office that you can visit, located at Unit 2 Rowe Lane, 6a Liverpool St, Paddington NSW 2021.

Is :Different a licensed real estate agency in NSW?

Yes, :Different is a fully licenced real estate agency with a team of experienced property managers.

Who will be looking after my investment property in Auburn?

A team of registered real estate agents will manage your property, powered by our proprietary technology to automate day-to-day tasks while giving you and your tenants access to self-service portals.

Can I get a rental appraisal for my Auburn investment property?

Yes, a rental appraisal can be conducted by a property expert from our local team.

What is your approach to leasing and finding new tenants for my Auburn property?

Finding you a good tenant is probably the most important thing we do.

It starts with letting. Unlike traditional agencies, we list every property on realestate.com.au and domain.com.au with professional photos, video walkthroughs, indicative floor plans and clear, well-written descriptions. By including the things that would-be tenants care about, we get more applications, more rapidly.

Once we have applications, we evaluate tenants thoroughly so we can stand behind our recommendations. Any tenant we place will have been checked across the major tenancy databases. We know bad tenants often provide old, or even forged written references, so we call references. We will verify income and employment tenure. Bad tenants may fudge these points - our legally compliant, structured interview process helps us identify those who are trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

After you select a tenant from our recommended, we make sure that the tenancy agreement reflects your concerns from pets on the premises to the length of the lease.

How do you deal with arrears or other tenant problems?

Good tenant selection stops most big problems before they occur, but all tenants will have concerns and questions.

We take care of problems before they become problems. Our systems automatically track arrears and tenants are contacted by phone, email and SMS. We follow up relentlessly to ensure you get paid. We work with you to create a proactive maintenance plan and deal with urgent maintenance requests immediately.

In the very rare cases where we cannot resolve the problem directly, we will attend tribunal proceedings. Meticulous record keeping is the key to a good outcome at tribunals. We’ve designed our service so that every transaction flows through our proprietary system. At tribunals, we always have a complete paper trail, so we can prove our compliance on your behalf.

Will it cost me anything if my existing tenants want to renew their lease?

No, there will be no fees if your existing tenant decides to renew.

Who will carry out inspections on my Auburn property?

Inspections are useful for landlords but a hassle for tenants. We have a team of Auburn home experts who will perform at least 2 per year (we will do more, but only when there is a need to). When inspecting, we don’t just walk through and take some photos. Instead, we actively compare the condition with the last report, using our proprietary inspection process.

How do you deal with maintenance requests and repairs for my Auburn property?

In taking care of your property, we have developed a network of trusted tradespeople. Every member of our Auburn network is highly reviewed and complies with all licensing regulations. We don’t receive kickbacks (or “christmas hampers”) from our tradespeople. We just hire the right people.

Taking care of your property is more than just inspections and maintenance. From bills, to preventative maintenance, to tax reporting, there’s a ton of additional important work we do for you. All we need is your name, email and investment property address to get started. Or feel free to drop us an email at hello@different.com.au

How does the free landlord insurance work for my Auburn property?

We offer free landlord insurance for the first year, which can have an equivalent value of between $350-500 depending on your provider. From the second year onwards, we subsidise this. The landlord insurance is for contents only; if you need building insurance, we are happy to connect you with our preferred suppliers. Our Landlord Protection Plan includes our exclusive Rent guarantee, where if a tenant's rent is more than 5 days late, we'll cover it to help you manage out of pocket expenses. And best of all, it's free!

How can I switch over my investment property in Auburn to :Different?

To switch over to :Different, all we need is your name, email and investment property address to get started.

We’ll follow up with you on any additional questions so that we can generate our managing agency agreement and confirm your ownership of the property.

We handle the entire transfer process. Once you sign our agreement, we do the rest. We notify your tenant, the previous property manager and any other relevant parties. We’ll also work with your previous agent to smoothly transition your file and hand over the keys.

If your previous agency agreement requires a notice period, we’ll give that notice on your behalf. This is typically only a 30 day period. We start managing your property once that notice period has ended.

We charge you nothing until we officially start managing your property.

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