Checklist: Is Your Property a Dud?

Published 21 January 2021 by Real Wealth Australia

Investing in a dud (or a lemon) is arguably every property investor's worst nightmare. Here's Real Wealth Australia's checklist with all the questions you should ask when vetting your next investment property.

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Buying the right investment property can be a mission. On top of getting your financial ducks in a row, you've also got to find a great location with plenty of potential for capital growth. Then, once you've found the suburb of your dreams, you need to look for the right investment property… and make sure it's not a dud.

After all, you don’t want to be left with a ‘lemon’ which is, to put it very bluntly, worse than useless. At least, that’s the case when it comes to making a return on your investment. 

Gauging whether the property’s a dud is all about asking the right questions. You’ll need to consider things like: 

🍋 How does the rental income for the property look in relation to market rental rates in the area? 

🍋 Is there potential for it to generate secondary income?

🍋 How much maintenance would the property require?

Today, we’ll equip you with the knowledge to make sure you’re covering all your bases before you invest all your hard-earned cash. 

Here’s Real Wealth Australia's checklist of the questions you should ask to identify any property red flags.

Download your checklist & learn how to avoid the lemons

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