EOFY Checklist for Property Investors

Published 08 June 2021 by Team :Different

Your breezy EOFY starts here

Make this EOFY your smoothest tax-time yet

There are two types of property investors: those who associate EOFY with stress, and those who associate it with excitement. In a recent survey we conducted with over 60 property owners, we found that stress and anticipation were the top 2 emotions which owners felt during tax-time, with 22% of owners in the former, and another 22% in the latter. But, regardless of which team you sit in, we’ve got your back – tax-time this year is going to be the easiest yet.

Our EOFY checklist takes you through everything you need to do, from the basic to lesser known tips, to everything in between. Get ready to breeze through tax time (and perhaps end up with a bit more money in your pocket at the end of it!).

What's included in this EOFY checklist?

1. Understand what you can claim

2. Know how to claim correctly 

3. Make the most of your tax returns 

4. Bring in the experts

5. Breeze through tax-time with :Different’s EOFY Pack

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