How to Research the Right Way

Published 20 January 2021 by Real Wealth Australia

How do you decide where and when to buy your next investment property? Download this free resource by Real Wealth Australia that offers a step by step guide to researching the right way.

Download the guide to catching your own (investing) fish

What has investing got to do with fishing?

Today, you're going to learn how to read the market situation for yourself.  As the saying goes, give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Did you know? People Google “Is now a good time to invest?” 210 times a month.

But as we’re sure you know too well, the property market is constantly fluctuating. “Now” changes every single day, so the information you read about growth areas and timing the market is not going to be applicable in 2 years’ time. 

That’s why, rather than telling you that Somewhereville is the newest hotspot, or that 10pm on Thursday night is a fantastic time to buy, we believe it’s more valuable if you know how to research it yourself. 

This way, you’ll have more confidence in your decisions because you’ll have your own well-researched information to back it up.

So how do you research where and when to invest?

When you’re researching a location, you probably already know how important it is to look at the infrastructure and amenities, like public transport, schools, shopping centres, gyms, and so on. But what about housing statistics? And demographics?

In this downloadable resource, you’ll understand:

📈 What numbers signal a strong rental population 

📈 How local demographics can drive rental demand for certain types of housing 

📈 Why it’s important to research the local council and any planned infrastructure projects 

Take a look at Real Wealth Australia’s guide to researching the right way. 

Download your guide to researching an investment property - the right way

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