Everything you need to know before choosing a Property Manager

Published 22 November 2020 by Team :Different

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If you are thinking of hiring a property manager, read this eBook first!

Life is full of conflicting priorities and we know that you're busy enough as it is. The last thing you need is stress associated with your wealth-creating investment property. This eBook breaks down the important role of a property manager and takes an unbiased look at why selecting the right property is the key to unlocking your peace of mind.

Although 80% of property owners in Australia are using a property manager, many are still uninformed about the services they actually offer.

Whether you’re new in the game and recently landed your first investment property, or you’re a seasoned veteran with multiple rentals in your portfolio already, chances are there is still more you can learn about property management to make the most of your rental property.

No matter what stage of the investment property journey you are in, this eBook will have something for you.

What's included in the Property Management 101 eBook?

  • Property management explained
  • How to find a good property manager
  • How much does a property manager cost?
  • What’s it like to lease with a property manager?
  • Technology and property management
  • Myths of property management debunked
  • How to manage multiple rental properties
  • Property manager legislation across states
  • Property managers and your tenants
  • :Different Property Management Explained
  • More resources for investment property owners

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