Checklist: How to Research What Tenants Want

Published 21 January 2021 by Real Wealth Australia

Download Real Wealth Australia's free checklist with all the questions you should ask when you're researching your next investment property. This way, you'll make sure you're buying a product catered to your future customers - local tenants.

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Have you ever had an extended vacancy and been at a loss for why tenants weren’t snatching your property up? 

The answer can be pretty simple: it’s not a property that suits tenants’ needs.

However, addressing tenants’ needs isn’t just about upgrading the property with a fresh coat of paint, or putting in a new dishwasher. The most straightforward way is actually to address their needs at the purchase stage. That is, you should choose a property which reflects what tenants in the local area are searching for. 

But how do you find out what tenants in the local area are looking for in a home? 

How to research what tenants really want 

You’ll need to consider questions like: 

 🏡 Who makes up a large portion of the rental population? Are they students, families, singles or couples? 

🏡 Do houses or apartments rent best in the area? 

🏡 How many bathrooms do tenants in the area want as a minimum?

Today, you’ll be equipped with the tools you need to ensure you’re buying the most suitable home for the local market. 

Here’s a checklist of the questions you should ask each time you’re considering a new property.

Download your key to buying a high-demand property

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