A team of experienced property experts that always have your back

Our approach to property management is about more than just smart tech. We have a dedicated team working hard behind the scenes to look after your property.

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What is a team-based approach to property management?

How it works

Experts in each field

Every piece of our property management service has it's own dedicated team of experts.

Intelligent routing for every issue

Tasks are immediately routed to the relevant team member to resolve.

One true view of your property

Our proprietary tech ensures our whole team has complete visibility on what's going on with your property, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Our team-based approach means a better experience for you & your tenants

Faster responses

Nothing slips through the cracks. Our smart tech enables our team of experts to solve your problems faster. 90% of messages are answered within 12 hours.

Specialised solutions

Specialisation means the right person takes care of the right issue, every time. Once you submit a task, it is automatically routed to the relevant team.

There when you need us

Our team is there for you & your tenants well past business hours. Holidays or staff turnover will never get in the way of our consistent & reliable service.

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Worried about not having a dedicated property manager?

We believe that having a single point of contact also leaves you open to a single point of failure.

Our team-based approach overcomes this problem.

Inconsistent service because your property manager is changing all the time

The average tenure of a property manager is just 9 months

All the information about your property sits with one person

The best person isn't always solving the right problem

of the messages we receive are responded to within 12 hours

Struggling with an unresponsive property manager? Our tech + team-based approach is all about keeping you in the loop and resolving your issues promptly.

Learn more about the teams that are working hard for you

Common questions owners ask about our team-based approach

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

Our team-based approach means you will deal with the most suitable person who’s soonest available to help with your issue. You can reach the team at: 

  • Email: hello@different.com.au 
  • Phone: 1300 004 746
  • Live chat in the portal/app.
Where is your team based?

We have a team of expert real estate managers and tech professionals based across NSW, QLD and VIC.

Our experienced, local team is complemented by our customer experience team in our Colombo office. This means we can provide support late into the night, and answer your questions in a timely manner.

Do you have an office?

Yes, our head office is based in Paddington (Sydney), with our other offices located in Melbourne CBD and Brisbane CBD’s.

Does your team have local knowledge of my area?

Yes. In every city we service, we have a team of local property experts who are on the ground and dedicated to looking after your property and your tenants. 

How do you offer good service at this price?

We don’t think it’s fair for landlords to pay percentage fees. The work required to manage a $900/week property and a $200/week property is the same. 

Our technology works 24x7, doesn’t need to take a vacation and doesn’t demand a paycheque. It also doesn’t forget to follow up on what needs to be done.

We are more efficient in everything we do and we pass those savings back to you.

We know that good property management is about more than technology. It needs people to make the right decisions. That’s why we hire smart people with common sense who focus their time on the problems that only people can solve. And those people own part of the company so they’re motivated to grow the business sustainably.

Is :Different a licensed real estate agency?

Yes, :Different is a fully licensed real estate agency in NSW, VIC and QLD.

NSW License: 10055605

VIC License: 083113L

QLD License: 4324759