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We conduct open homes twice per week, and the times are updated every Monday on or Register online by finding the property you'd like to view and click 'Book an Inspection' then follow the prompts.

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We make it really easy for you to apply for a property through a simple online process. Following your inspection, locate the property on our rentals page and click 'Apply Now' then follow the simple prompts.

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Receive email updates about the status of your application

You'll receive an email confirmation notifying you that you've successfully applied for the property. Our leasing managers will conduct employment and reference checks. Once the checks are complete, you'll receive another email notifying you that your application has been sent to the owner for approval.

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View all available rental properties in NSW. We currently service Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast.

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View all available rental properties in VIC. We currently service Melbourne and Geelong.

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View all available rental properties in QLD. We currently service Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

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Common questions other tenants have

How can I apply for a property?

After you've been to an open home with us, you will receive a text message 30 minutes afterwards with a link to apply for the property. Alternatively, you can apply directly at the below links, depending on which state your property is in:




Once you've located the property you’d like to apply for, simply click 'Apply Now' and follow the prompts.

What's the status of my application?

You will be notified via email upon submitting your application with the status 'Under Review.' We will then conduct the necessary employment and background checks before presenting the application to the owner for his/her approval. You will receive another email update after the application has forward to the property owner.

While we aim to inform all applicants of the outcome (successful or unsuccessful) sometimes it may take a 3-4 days to finalise an application. Our process is to update unsuccessful applicants only after a holding deposit has been received.

If you haven't heard from us within 2 working days and need to make a decision on another property, please email us at

Can I request an appointment to view outside of the advertised time?

It is preferred that you register and attend one of our scheduled open home times. You can request an inspection, however, this request may not be approved.

How can I request an inspection?

  • Simply click here >
  • Locate the property you’d like to view
  • Click “Book an Inspection” and follow the prompts to “Request an Inspection”

Our team will be alerted of this request and will either accept, decline or request you attend the scheduled inspection, depending on their availability.

Can I apply for a property without viewing it?

It is a requirement that you view the property in order for your application to be finalised and presented to the owner for their consideration. If you can’t personally attend, another member of your family or a trusted friend can inspect the property on your behalf.

If the above alternative is not an option for you (e.g. you are interstate), we can offer a facetime inspection with our HomeExpert. However, it can only occur at the time of the scheduled inspection.

If you have not physically inspected the property, and are chosen as the successful applicant to move into the property, you are required to sign a waiver confirming that you have not physically viewed the property. By signing this waiver, you are agreeing to accept the property “sight unseen”, and thereby assume any of the risks that relate to this.

I can’t see any open house times on a specific property, I was wondering if there were any coming up?

This generally happens when a property has been recently listed and our team is organising the open home schedule. Rest assured that a confirmed open home time will be placed online over the course of the next few days.

We recommend that you keep an eye out on or property listing as the times will be updated there.

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