Building a rent roll alone can be costly and complex

We’re bringing together a team of property experts and a proven tech platform to create :Different for Agencies - our flagship solution delivering Property Management-as-a-Service to real estate agencies across Australia.

Property management is a notoriously tough game to win. You’re working hard to retain staff, keep up with rising customer expectations and navigate tight profit margins.

You know how important a rent roll is to your business, especially in uncertain economic times, but throwing more software at the problems you face isn’t going to make a real difference.

Why tech alone can’t solve The Great Resignation in Property Management

Your team are your biggest asset. But demanding workloads, long hours and poor career progression are causing the best talent to leave the industry.

Here’s the current state of play*:

  • 23% of property managers intend to resign in the next 12 months 
  • 41% of property managers aren’t happy with their current salary
  • The cost of replacing a property manager is 33% of their annual salary

*According to MRI’s Voice of the Property Manager 2021 Report.

 Investing in a rent roll can feel like a leap of faith

High upfront costs

Building a rent roll from scratch means a big upfront investment and hiring staff before you’ve got the income to justify it. If things don’t pan out, you can eat into your already tight margins and even end up in the red.

Risks to profitability

Expanding your rent roll comes with the same risks, too. Even if you’re ready to grow, you’ll need to make an upfront investment in new staff (and extra wages) that might not pay off.

Big growing pains

More properties under management = more complexity. If all your tech platforms don’t work together (like many tools on the market), you’ll slow down your team, deliver a poor experience to your customers and find it difficult to make a profit.

What if there was a simpler way, where it's all done for you?

Starting with purpose-built tech, designed from the group up

Off the shelf property management software will never be able to replace the value of a great property manager. Having the right tools is essential, but having an experienced team using these tools to build relationships with your customers is even more crucial. 

We take a fundamentally different approach to building software. Our own property partners and operations managers have helped us co-create our tech from scratch. We don’t retrofit processes into our system: Our customer experiences and workflows are built by the industry, for the industry.

You don't just need tech: you need the right people to power it, too

We’re changing the game for property managers with our unique operating model; we wouldn't be :Different otherwise. That means providing the resources, support and opportunities for your people to progress in their career, get their weekends back and have the opportunity to build the future of property management with us.

Whether you’re starting a rent roll from scratch or want to scale your existing business, our unique way of working means you say goodbye to operational complexity, score a guaranteed margin and retain full ownership of your asset, too.

This is why we created :Different for Agencies. We’re here to partner with you and take the complexities and challenges of managing a rent roll off your plate. You get the best tech, and the very best people, and we take care of the rest.

We’ve put in the hard work and got our own runs on the board

We’ve been rated 4.3/5 stars from over 500 real customer reviews and were recently named the Most Innovative Consumer Proptech ScaleUp for 2022 at the Proptech Awards.

Serving thousands of owners and tenants today, we understand what it takes to operate at scale.

We don’t just believe our solution works - we’ve validated it’s a game changer

Start getting more out of your rent roll

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