Different is not your average property manager

We started with a clean sheet of paper to reimagine what property management should be – a service where owners pay less to get more from their investment property.

On average, a Different customer saves $1000/year. Enter your weekly rent to see how much you could save.

We're different

Built around you

Communication designed for your busy life. Click for common issues, call when it’s complex.

Flat fee pricing

Our work doesn’t
vary with your weekly rent

Protection's on us

In your first year, we guarantee rent default, tenant damage and much more

Our agents are different

We anticipate needs and follow up with you, not the other way around.

We’re fully licensed agents and members of the REINSW.

We’re only one step away by phone, SMS or instant message. And if you’re in the area, coffee’s always on us.

All of our agents also have their own secret agents, who are on a mission to keep things
running perfectly.

Secret agent technology lets our people focus on doing the things only they can do, and make the most of the things that computers do best.

And don’t worry, their messages don’t self destruct.

Our secret agent makes everything run smoothly

He takes care of the things that people tend to forget, put off or ignore. He works 24×7, never takes a vacation, and won’t go into sales or switch to a different agency.

Different serves residential properties in the Sydney metro area

We'd love to help you get more from your investment property. Enter your property details below, and we'll start by sending you a market report tailored specifically for your property