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Property Management with 100% transparency

Looking for a truly comprehensive property management service you can hold in the palm of your hand? That's Different! We bring together a purpose-built app with real-time updates, approvals and reports, and an expert office and field team, to deliver the PM you've always wanted!

So, what’s Different?

As investment owners ourselves, we’ve written a few strongly worded letters over the years asking about our properties' condition and the next scheduled inspections. But the fact is, landlords should never have to do that! 

At Different, you can feel confident your property — the key to your retirement and future — is in good hands! From advertising to leasing, inspecting, repairs and monitoring pricing, we have you covered. And we do all of that while transparently keeping you informed at every step, and proactively anticipating market change, so we can ensure your investment always performs at its best.

Want a more transparent, proactive and comprehensive property management service, without paying more? Maybe it’s time for something Different!

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Here’s what Different really means for you

Faster leasing

We manage the entire end-to-end leasing process, making it faster and easier for you. We will assess the market to provide advice on price, conduct advertising, review applications and, after vetting them, put the best candidates forward to you, all at a record pace.

Effortless payments

Don’t ever worry about rent being late again. We’ll help arrange automated, regular transfers, checking in with tenants to ensure timely payments are always prioritised. From your rent, we can pay your investment property bills for you, so you never have to lift a finger.

Smarter maintenance

Tenants complaining about slow repairs, doing quick fixes themselves or asking for rent reductions, are a thing of the past! Using our app, tenants can simply and quickly lodge a repair request, and in no time, our team will have options in front of you, ready for a ‘tap’ to instantly approve.

Regular inspections — really!

Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your property is actually being looked after! Our team will attend your property at the beginning and end of tenancies and regularly throughout, conducting detailed inspections and reporting back promptly through the app.

Expert guidance

Make your property work as hard for you as it can! Invested in your property and its success, we will monitor the market, the community and maintain strong relationships with tenants, proactively letting you know improvements and strategies that can increase your return.

Built-in compliance

Property management, like much of real estate, is a highly regulated space. Between our app and our experienced team, we deliver a deep level of regulatory understanding and education, to make compliance simple.

Do you know someone who has a property to rent? Refer them to Different and you’ll get $100 every time they start a new lease, for the next two years!

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Our property owners are celebrating something Different!

“I've been using Different for more than a year and it has been a really good experience. They helped me quickly find a tenant and have been promptly responding to any issues with the property. I definitely recommend using them.”

– Sid

“Really great experience! Light and day difference between my previous property managers and Different.”

– Steven Z

“Finally some professional and cost-effective managers! I loved how easy the whole experience was with Different from on-boarding to the end of the lease.”

– Gian R

Isn’t it time for something Different?

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Transparency through real-time reports, updates and approvals
Proactive, expert guidance from a team that cares