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brisbane skyline
Real Estate NewsAverage Rent in Brisbane & Area Analysis 2023
We’re taking a closer look at the rental market, the average price change over the years and the prices you can expect to pay in 2023.
Couple tours investment home with manager amidst fluctuating Australian property prices & investment property interest rates. Woman uneasy, man collected.
Real Estate NewsWhat Declining Property Prices and Rising Interest Rates Mean for Investors in 2023
Investors will face two key challenges in 2023: increasing interest rates and declining property prices. Consistent market fluctuations throughout 2022 meant investment avenues were repeatedly coming up hot and cold. Although financial experts agree that the rate of change is gradually slowing down, investors would do well to keep a tab on these two ripple-effect triggers in the future.
a woman going through a pre settlement checklist as a new home buyer
Real Estate NewsPre-settlement Checklist for Home Buyers
Already thinking about moving into your first or new home? Your checklist should have only a few more tasks before you can live under your own roof.
A young couple looking at the cost breakdown of selling a house
Real Estate NewsWhat's The Cost Of Selling A House?
In this blog, we’ll explore the general costs of selling a house, how they differ in every state, and how these expenses can be reduced.
a couple considering a no deposit home loan to buy their first house
Real Estate NewsIs A No Deposit Home Loan A Good Idea?
We’re here to help you make an informed decision on no-deposit home loans and find out if this type of loan is right for you. We’ll be breaking down how no-deposit home loans work, exploring the pros and cons of buying a property with no deposit and guiding you through alternative lending options.
A home buyer receiving a home loan pre approval
Real Estate NewsWhat Investors Should Know About Home Loan Pre Approval
If you're not sure how home loan pre approvals work and what it all means, then this article is for you. Let’s start with the basics.
A prospective buyer receiving a 5% deposit home loan
Real Estate NewsWhat Is A 5% Deposit Home Loan?
A 5% home loan is a type of low deposit home loan that certain lenders offer, and is helpful for first time home buyers to get into the property market. By only requiring a deposit of 5%, the home buyer will then borrow the remaining 95% of the property cost.
a guarantor signing an agreement for first time buyers home loan
Real Estate NewsA Guide To Guarantor Home Loans For First Time Home Buyers
To help you assess if this is the right move for you, let's walk you through how guarantor loans work, the pros and cons of this loan option and how this type of home loan can assist you as a first-time home buyer.  
A first home buyer signing a document for a first home owners grant in NSW
Real Estate NewsFirst Home Owners Grant in NSW - A Simple Guide (2022)
In this blog, we explore the First Home Owners Grant and how it’s enacted in NSW. What’s it all about? How much financing will it cover? Are you eligible to apply for one? Let's find out!
homebuyers discussing labor's shared equity scheme
Real Estate NewsWhat is Labor's Shared Equity Scheme For Homebuyers?
Real Estate NewsBest Suburbs To Live In Melbourne 2022
In this handy list, we’ll take a look at a few suburbs offering great value for money as well as the best suburbs for families and young couples.
The concept of selling homes
Real Estate News6 Tips On Selling Your Home Fast
An agent calculating fees
Real Estate NewsUnderstanding Real Estate Agent Commission & Fees
a couple sitting on the floor of their rental apartment worried about rising rental prices
Real Estate NewsA Brief Explainer On The Australian Rental Crisis Of 2022
Experts believe this rental crisis has been a long time coming and say warning signs have gone unheeded by policy makers. Vacancy rates are hitting all time lows and rents are sky-rocketing, leaving many families heavily impacted.
Woman holding a mug in a container home
Real Estate NewsYour Complete Guide To Tiny Houses
Whether you’re hoping to wake up in a treehouse or in a home on wheels, tiny houses are fast becoming a hot topic in the real estate market.
Foreign Property Investment In Australia Trends
Real Estate NewsForeign Property Investment In Australia - Trends 2022
Despite a tightening of lending regulations and an increase in foreign investment taxes and stamp duty, international investors are continuing to see Australia as a reliable market to invest in - read on to find out why!
view of Sydney Harbour
Real Estate NewsHere's The Real Estate Forecast For The Next Five Years In Australia
For Australia's property market, 2021 was a record-breaking year. It’s no surprise that investors are curious about what lies ahead for Australia’s property market in 2022 and beyond. With that, here’s our real estate forecast for the next five years in Australia.
Understanding how inheriting property works in Australia
Real Estate NewsHow Inheriting Property In Australia Works
Wondering what to do if you inherit property in Australia? Read our blog and learn the basics of how inheriting a property in Australia works
An image of Geelong Port
Real Estate News6 Of The Best Suburbs In Geelong To Invest In 2022
Looking to invest in a rental home in Geelong? Learn more about the best suburbs to invest in Geelong.
Real Estate News6 Of The Best Suburbs In Newcastle To Invest In 2022
Looking to invest in a rental home in Newcastle? Learn more about the best suburbs to invest in Newcastle and maximise your return on investment
A first time homeowner getting their house keys
Real Estate NewsYour Complete Guide To The First Home Owners Grant In Victoria 2022
Getting a foot into the Australian property market is about to get a little bit easier, particularly for first home buyers across Victoria. Here's everything you need to know about the new Victorian Homebuyer Fund and the first home owners grant in VIC.
read all about investing in Australian property as a foreign or expat investor
Real Estate NewsWhy Invest In Australian Property As A Foreign Or Expat Investor?
As a foreign investor you might often wonder of the benefits you stand the gain by investing in Australian property. Here's our blog on all you stand to gain by investing in property down under.
A property investor looking at the restrictions easing
Real Estate NewsWhat Do The Easing Restrictions Mean For Property Owners
We all know what the easing of COVID-19 restrictions looks like for us - especially our social lives - but will it be just as good for property owners and the property market? Read on to find out!
An aerial shot of Sunshine Coast
Real Estate News10 Of The Best Suburbs To Invest In Sunshine Coast - 2022
If you're looking at Sunshine Coast for growth suburbs you're looking in the right direction.
growth suburbs in Melbourne
Real Estate News7 of the Best Suburbs to Invest in Melbourne - 2022
If you're looking at Melbourne for growth suburbs you're looking in the right direction.
best suburbs to invest in brisbane
Real Estate News7 of the Best Suburbs to Invest in Brisbane 2022
The current state of the Brisbane property market may paint an exciting picture for interested property buyers. But with that, the house prices have also reached new heights!
An Australian suburb with high-rises
Real Estate News35 Of The Best Suburbs To Invest In Australia for 2022
Despite gloomy forecasts due to the pandemic, the property market in Australia has held incredibly strong. That being said, the property market is seeing a shift in terms of suburb growth.
best suburbs to invest in perth
Real Estate News7 of the Best Suburbs to Invest in Perth - 2022
Lower interest rates, long-term housing benefits and higher investor confidence seem to be working their magic on how the property market in Perth is now
A waterfront in Adelaide
Real Estate News7 of the Best Suburbs to Invest in Adelaide - 2022
The keen interest tenants now show for regional areas due to the regional property market trend in Australia has helped bring a number of suburbs that used to be off the radar to the spotlight
victoria rental laws 2021
Real Estate NewsVictoria's 132 New Rental Laws and What They Mean for Landlords
Providing good news for tenants and extensive changes for landlords, we expect many to benefit from Victoria’s new rental laws which will come into effect by 29 March 2021
sydney suburbs
Real Estate News7 of the Best Suburbs to Invest in Sydney 2022
Here we are. A 4.95% rise in house prices and 0.98% rise in unit prices across the Sydney property market!
regional property market australia
Real Estate NewsThe Regional Property Market Boom of 2022 - Is it Here to Stay?
What does the regional housing boom mean for owners in the Australian property market?
a woman working on her laptop with a purple couch in the background
Real Estate NewsThe Return of Positive Gearing in 2022 - What Does it Mean for Investors?
Right now, fixed-rate mortgages are being offered at the lowest levels we’ve seen in recent years.
Average rent in Melbourne
Real Estate NewsAverage Rent in Melbourne & Area Analysis
In 2021, renting in Melbourne barely costs you more than in Hobart! In this article we will analyse the rental trends in Melbourne and its suburbs.
Real Estate NewsAverage Rent in Adelaide & Area Analysis
Adelaide rental market trends have been fascinating this year. Unlike other cities that suffered the brunt of the pandemic, Adelaide showed remarkable increases in property rental prices.
Real Estate NewsAverage Rent in Perth & Area Analysis
The rental market trends in Perth show growth, favouring rental property owners. Since 2019, the city has experienced a boom in the rental market, supported by multiple factors playing out well in 2020. 
an old woman looking at the new moratorium on evictions australia nsw rules
Real Estate NewsWhat the COVID-19 Rental Moratorium Means for Owners Going Into 2021
The NSW government’s recent residential tenancies amendment and extension of the eviction moratorium means that landlords are subject to new eviction rules in NSW until 26 March 2021. 
Average rent in Sydney Australia
Real Estate NewsAverage Rent in Sydney & Area Analysis
The ongoing pandemic has brought Australia's rental market to a screeching halt. Be in the know about Sydney's growth suburbs, the suburbs in decline, and median rent for houses and units for 2020.
Real Estate NewsVIC Updates
The past week has seen a number of new reforms to VIC Residential Tenancies Act that will affect current and potential property owners. Read below our summary of what’s been announced and how it could affect you.
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