Protecting your domain is our top priority

You’ve worked so hard to build your agency, and you only want to bring the best into your business. By teaming up with us, you can score a guaranteed margin, gain a clear path to scale and retain full ownership of your rent roll.

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We’re here to help you run your business with confidence and free up more time to focus on selling property with the unique opportunity to still retain full control over your rent roll.

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With profits and margins constantly under pressure, finding more efficient ways to work is crucial. We put you in the driving seat of your financial position with a guaranteed margin and a predictable cash flow stream from your rent roll.

You always retain ownership of your asset

You’ve poured everything into your business, and we’ll always make sure you’ve got the keys to your kingdom. We’re here to nurture your brand, power up your team and keep your customers happy for years to come.

We’ll never compete with you

We’re here to partner with Australia’s best agencies, not take work away from you. By joining forces we can help you build stronger customer relationships, gain greater market share and boost your profitability (without losing control of your rent roll). We’re better together.

Ready to get your rent roll working for you?

Score a guaranteed margin
Retain ownership and control 
Avoid staffing challenges