We’re a little :Different, and we’re proud of it!

How about a business powered by a team of values-driven people, who are genuinely invested in delivering the best for all our customers? That’s :Different!

We’re here to change the way property management is done.

Our vision is to bring a new level of transparency to property management that enables property owners to feel confident, empowered and in control, and tenants to feel comfortable, informed and at-home.

A :Different story

Did you know :Different just got a little more... different?

Armed with all the right ideas and knowing the property industry, especially property management, could use a bit of a shake up, :Different was launched in 2017 to a very positive response.

But as many start-ups do, it felt the pinch, saw its share of challenges, and eventually, despite its great promise, it temporarily closed its doors.

In late 2023, the company was purchased by a new leadership team, who loved the idea of :Different, who wanted to bring more to property management, and who saw an opportunity to provide property owners and tenants a truly satisfying experience by combining tech with outstanding service.

So… we moved on in, and we set about cleaning up – implementing a four-level team, an automated escalation process, solid procedures, and an update to the :Different app, so all our customers – old and new – can benefit from genuine transparency.

We brought our values with us, and we made them the foundation of the company, to ensure we can and will deliver on all of our promises.

Now, every day, we come to work with one mission – to deliver an absolutely exceptional service that is built on transparency… and so far, we’re doing just that for hundreds-and-hundreds of local property owners and their tenants.

Our values drive our work

Want to join our team?

If you’re ready to get outside your comfort zone, tackle something new and be supported by a team that’s invested in your success, we’d love to hear from you.

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