Rental Market Insights

May 2024 Market Update
In this update, we'll travel across Australia to look at major influences on each state's rental market and what they mean for investors and tenants.
April 2022 Market Update
In this update, we'll be taking a closer look at record drops in vacancy rates, sky rocketing rents amid high demand, tenant migration, and what trends are emerging in the Australian rental market.
August 2021 Market Update
In this market update, we’ll take a look at how COVID is impacting the market along the east coast of Australia, how low interest rates have been impacted in Queensland and the strategies we’ve taken here at :Different to lease our owners’ properties in lockdown.
February 2021 Market Update
2021 is all about the tenants – with the current market well and truly a tenant’s market, there are certain pointers that owners will benefit from keeping in mind. In this update, our Head of Leasing Kasey McDonald takes a look at where tenants have been looking, what their expectations are when looking for a new home, and how owners can minimise their vacancies in the current climate.
April 2021 Market Update
With the end of the COVID-19 rental moratoriums in NSW, VIC and WA last month (following QLD, NT, ACT and TAS), the rental market across the board has seen change for both tenants and property owners alike. Here's a look into the month of April 2021, and all that happened in the world of real estate.
December 2020 Market Update
Over the last 6 months, the rental markets across Australia have been significantly impacted by trends related to the coronavirus pandemic. How have these trends impacted the rental market in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne?
September 2020 Market Update
What's September looking like for the leasing market? In this market update, we take a look at some of the factors you should consider when leasing your property, the trends we've observed from leasing at :Different, and what the situation in Victoria will mean for property leasing in Melbourne.

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