House Inspection

Published 21 July 2022Updated 25th January 2023

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What is a House Inspection?

A house inspection is the evaluation of a house on the property market that is intended to be sold. This inspection takes place to make sure the house is in good condition.

A potential buyer can hire a qualified house inspector to examine the house and obtain a report on what needs to be improved. Similarly, a seller can work with a house inspector to find out if any repairs need to be done, with the purpose of getting a good sale value.

A house inspection is usually carried out after a sale contract is signed. For this reason, a sale agreement should include an inspection contingency. This allows the buyer enough time to find an inspector, obtain an inspection report, and decide whether or not to proceed with the sale agreement.

A rental house inspection, on the other hand, is performed by a landlord or a property manager. This is done to ensure the continuous upkeep of the property. Notice needs to be given to the tenant before conducting a rental house inspection, and the tenant is usually present when the inspection is carried out. A rental house inspection can be done at move-in, move-out, and periodically during the tenancy. 

FAQs about House Inspections

What do you need to look for when inspecting a house?
How often can a house inspection be done?
What should you do after a house inspection?

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