Notice of Eviction

Published 25 August 2022Updated 17th January 2023

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What is a Notice of Eviction?

A notice of eviction, also called the notice to vacate,  is a written letter informing the tenant that they should vacate the property within a set period of time. 

The notice is a formal statement by the landlord that the lease agreement is terminated and you are to vacate the property by the date specified in the notice. 

An eviction notice is a peaceful request that the landlord resort to before having to take more serious and forceful action to evict the tenant. 

That said, an eviction notice does not necessarily mean that the tenant is evicted. The tenant still has plenty of time to fight an eviction notice or comply with the landlord’s request so that they can remain in the property. 

A notice of eviction is simply an advance notice informing you of the consequences of your failure to comply with the terms of your lease agreement.

FAQs about Notice of Eviction

What are the reasons to be served a Notice of Eviction?
How many breach notices before eviction?
How much notice should I receive if I am evicted without grounds? 

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