Tenant Rights

Published 20 September 2022Updated 24th February 2023

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What are Tenant Rights?

In the context of renting or leasing a property from a landlord, tenant rights refer to the legal protections and entitlements of individuals who rent or lease a property from a landlord. 

These rights may vary depending on each state and the type of rental agreement (fixed or periodic).

Tenant rights typically include the right to:

  • A safe and habitable living space
  • Protection from discrimination and retaliation
  • Privacy
  • Due process if a landlord attempts to evict them
  • Organize and form a tenants' union

Additionally, tenants may have rights to repair or make improvements to the rental property and to have certain types of disputes resolved through mediation or arbitration at a state tribunal.

FAQs about Tenant Rights

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Can a landlord increase the rent during a tenancy?
What are a tenant's rights if the landlord wants to sell the property?
Can a landlord evict a tenant for no reason?

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