Published 29 January 2023Updated 3rd April 2023

Explaining the term VCAT
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What is VCAT?

The term VCAT stands for the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. It is an independent tribunal in the state of Victoria that deals with a variety of matters, including those related to property and tenancy disputes. 

VCAT has the power to make decisions and orders that are legally binding. Its role is to provide a quick, informal, and low-cost dispute resolution service for various disputes.

For landlords and tenants, VCAT provides services for the following:

  • Resolution of disputes between landlords and tenants over rent, bonds, and other tenancy issues
  • Determining compensation for a tenant who has suffered loss due to a breach of the tenancy agreement by a landlord
  • Settling disputes over repairs and maintenance
  • Addressing disputes over the use of common areas in multi-unit buildings.

 FAQs about VCAT

How does a person make an application to the VCAT?
What types of disputes does VCAT handle?
What is the time frame for a VCAT hearing?
What does a case at VCAT cost?
Can I represent myself at VCAT?

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