Published 29 March 2022Updated 25th January 2023

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What is Rentvesting?

Rentvesting is an increasingly popular property investment strategy in Australia and is a break in the norm of conventional thinking about home ownership.

As the name suggests, to rentvest is to continue to live in a rental home, while buying or owning an investment property. This strategy can allow rentvesters to earn an additional income while also giving them the flexibility to live in a location that is better suited to their lifestyles.

For example, it is expensive to buy property in Sydney which means rentals in this area are available for long-term tenancy. Anyone keen on living in Sydney but not able to invest in a Sydney property, could opt for rentvesting as a solution. Investing in a property in a more affordable city and attracting the right tenant for it could give you the funding you need to make the move to a rental in Sydney.

FAQs about Rentvesting

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