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A senior couple smiling because they used their super to buy a house
Property FinanceCan I Use My Super To Buy A House?
To help you get a better idea of this financial pathway, we’re going to be exploring how, when and where a super can be used, as well as the pros and cons of buying a house with it.
A happy family with the prospect of paying of their loan in 5 years
Property FinanceHere's How To Pay Off Your Home Loan In 5 Years
There are a lot of advantages to learning the quickest way to pay off your home loan. So, we’ve rounded up a bunch of practical strategies to help you pay off your home loan as fast as possible. 
a family excited about their new home secured by a home loan
Property Finance8 Types Of Home Loans & What's Best For You
Picking a home loan is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a property investor. That’s because getting the right home loan for your property type and investment goals can be the difference between earning positive cashflow or not.
A real estate investor calculating property management fees
Property FinanceProperty Management Fees: How to Know What's Fair
In this article, we’ll investigate the mysteries surrounding property management fees and help you gain an understanding of where your money is going. By the time you reach the end of this article,  you’ll have some newfound knowledge of property management fees and services that will help you make better informed decisions.
A happy senior couple: the best candidate for a reverse mortgage
Property FinanceWhat Is A Reverse Mortgage?
Thinking of getting a reverse mortgage on your investment home? Start off by understanding what is a reverse mortgage and if its right for you with this blog
Understanding how refinancing a home loan works | :Different
Property FinanceHow To Refinance A Home Loan
Thinking of refinancing your home loan, but confused about where to start? Read our blog on how to refinance your home loan and find out!
Using equity and saving money for property investment
Property FinanceHow to Use Equity to Buy Investment Property
One of the biggest challenges facing property investors is the high costs of saving up for a deposit. Read on as we dive into the basics of how you can use equity to start building your investment property portfolio.
property investor filling in eofy checklist
Property FinanceEOFY Checklist: Are you prepared to maximise your deductions?
Our EOFY checklist takes you through everything you need to do, from the basic to lesser known tips, to everything in between. Get ready to breeze through tax time (and perhaps end up with a bit more money in your pocket at the end of it!).
finding the best investment property mortgage home loan
Property Finance6 Tips For First Time Buyers To Secure The Best Home Loan Rates
Even if you’re stuck with a sub-par mortgage, there’s still actions you can take to secure the best home loan rates for your investment property. Read our blog on what you need to do before putting pen to paper.
investment property tax guide
Property FinanceGuide to Investment Property Tax - What Can I Claim?
To lower your tax bill, it’s essential to understand what taxes you might be obliged to pay depending on what type of property you have.
property owner reading tips for reducing investment property tax
Property Finance5 Tips to Reduce Tax on Your Investment Property
It can be hard to know how to maximise your investment property tax deductions. What investment property expenses are tax deductible? How do you manage your expenses in the most efficient way possible? Read on for our crash course on how to make tax time a breeze.
positive gearing explained
Property FinancePositive Gearing Explained
Having a positive cash flow property is a great option for first-time investors who want to reduce their risks and take advantage of low interest rates.
io vs p&i
Property FinanceP&I or IO? - Best Loan Structure for Investment Property Explained
Learn which property loan structure is best suited for you and your investment property.
negative gearing explained what is negative gearing?
Property FinanceNegative Gearing Explained
Will negative gearing one day become illegal? In this guide, we give you a deep-dive into negative gearing, the pros, and cons of this approach, plus the potential tax and legal implications for you as an investor.
woman in house
Property FinanceNegotiating Property Management Fees: Can You Do it?
Can you negotiate property management fees? Will asking for lower fees decrease your service level? Learn how to get the best property management fee solution for you.
tax return
Property FinanceThe ATO tax returns crackdown on property investors
The ATO hones in on a few industries and key areas each year. This year it has been reported that the tax return crackdown will be on property investors after there was an error found in 90 per cent of rental deductions.
professional women
Property FinanceProperty investor tips for the new financial year
With the new financial year just around the corner, now is the time to review your plans, make any changes and set goals. Set yourself up for success by looking into these property investment tips:
woman going through her end of financial year checklist
Property FinanceEnd of financial year check list - are you claiming everything possible?
It’s coming up to the end of financial year (EoFY) and with tax time around the corner, investment property owners can claim quite a few things. Be sure to read our checklist to ensure you're claiming everything that you can
rental property
Property FinanceWhat the shifting rental property market means for you
Australia’s rental property market is a mixed bag at the moment. While rental property prices have been dropping in some cities, in others they have been growing. And for others again, not much has changed.
inside a luxury car
Property FinanceWhen cars (or pigs) fly? - Flying cars and your investment property
Uber has set a target of flying car test flights by 2020, and are launching in Dallas, Los Angeles, and one as-yet-unnamed international city, a title that Sydney and Melbourne are both contenders for. So how will Uber’s ambitions affect the future of investment properties?
Property FinanceWhat you need to know about the falling rental prices
You’ve probably heard about the shifting property market, with rental house prices dropping year on year in some cities, and vacancy rates increasing – particularly in Sydney – where the vacancy rate is at its highest in 13 years, at 2.8%. But how does that affect you as a landlord, and what do you need to do to move with the market?
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