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Published 02 May 2021 by Team :Different

Putting your investment property in the hands of a tenant you've only just met can almost feel a little like sending your child off on their first day at school.

You want to know that your rental is in safe hands and that the tenant is taking good care of it.

That's where conducting inspections come in. It's your way of knowing how your property is being treated, and who is liable for any damage.

As an owner with :Different, you get routine inspections included in our $100 flat property management fee. We'll walk you through how we give our owners ease of mind knowing their investment property is well cared for.

1. Local property experts on the ground

We know that you want a local property manager who knows the area managing your rental property.

But, if you own or if you're planning to own multiple investment properties in different areas, how would you achieve this for all your rentals?

The last thing you're going to want is to have to scramble between different real estate agencies, in different towns, using any number of different email addresses and phone numbers.

That's why we employ local, dedicated teams in each city who are specially trained and conduct all your inspections. We call these your Home Experts!

All our home experts hold relevant real estate certifications for their specific states.

Feels good knowing a local is taking care of your property, doesn't it?

Read more about the team powering your inspections.

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2. Ingoing and outgoing inspections

At :Different, we conduct inspections and create a report when the tenant moves in and when they move out. this is called the Entry and Exit Condition Report.

But, we see entry condition reports as more than just a piece of red tape. It’s our way of solving disputes and issues between owner and tenant before they begin.

Our philosophy

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to inspecting your property. It’s our way of making sure you don’t run into a grueling game of 'he said, she said'.

Our home experts go room by room, jotting down everything from the general condition of furniture and flooring, to the working condition of:

Any existing marks, stains, or dents? This isn’t our first rodeo. Our real estate experts know exactly what to look for when it comes to damage. 

“We see the Entry Condition Report as a means of preemptively solve disputes and issues. Property managers are real-estate experts, so you can expect them to take on maintenance and the Entry Condition Report with a high level of detail and with diligence.”

Danielle Bunton, :Different Head of Transitions

When we’re done, you can expect: 

  • At least 3 photos per room
  • Close-ups of potential issues
  • A thorough checklist of any problems
  • Comments on the working and cosmetic condition of pretty much everything

All of which is sent to your tenant so they can sign off on it (or add to it, pending the property manager’s approval).

So, when all is said and done, if some unfortunate damage does occur, there’s no question as to who’s picking up the bill.

Resolving disputes

So what if your property isn’t quite up to scratch when we do our follow-up inspection? Maybe something is in need of a clean? Or, there’s a kitchen faucet that needs tightening?

We give your tenant 24 hours to fix the issue. If that's not possible, we'll source a tradesperson to do the job for the tenant.

If the issue is more than just a dirty oven, or a carpet in need of steam cleaning, we have a trusted network of tradies and service providers from who we can source quotes if we think the job will top $250. 

And don’t worry, if there’s any grey area about who should settle the bill, we’ll step in to mediate the negotiation. 

Danielle Bunton, :Different Head of Transitions

And don’t worry, if there’s any grey area about who should settle the bill, we’ll step in to mediate the negotiation. 

For example, have a tenant broken your 10-year-old air conditioner that’s supposed to last 20? We’ll only claim 50% of the replacement cost from the tenant - a fair move for both parties. 

But, if things get a bit too heated and you and your tenant can’t come to a mutual agreement, we’ll also represent you at the tribunal if it comes to it.

property managers

3. Routine inspections

In addition to our ingoing and outgoing inspections, we also conduct routine inspections each year.

There is legislation on the frequency of property inspections from state to state. But, as a baseline, we conduct a minimum of 2x inspections per year, and we can do more if you'd like!

And each time we do, the report will be uploaded straight to your owner app, so you can see for yourself, pictures and all, just how good your property is looking since you last saw it.

While we're conducting our routine inspections we also take preventative measures for property maintenance. For example, if we notice a fly screen has a hole in it, we just get it fixed straight away before it becomes an issue.

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4. Access your reports exactly when you need them

Gone are the days when you had to lug around a bulky pile of inspection report papers.

Our patented owner app lets you view every inspection report done on your property right from your smartphone at any time.

Plus, any property maintenance requests will be automatically logged on the app, so you’ll never be out of the loop on how your property is faring under your tenants.

5. All included in our flat property management fee

Everything we've just mentioned is included in our monthly $100 flat property management fee.

No extra $50 inspection fee, no $20 surcharge for getting your statements. Just one transparent monthly fee.

"We don’t think the traditional way of charging percentage fees of rent is fair to owners, because the work required to manage a property doesn’t vary with the weekly rent.”

Mina Radhakrishnan, Co-founder of :Different

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