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An aerial shot of an Australian coastal town
Property InvestingBest Suburbs To Invest in Australia as a Foreigner
Knowing which suburbs work best for your investment goals is crucial when deciding where to buy property in Australia as an overseas investor. Read on to find out from the experts what the Aussie property market has to offer foreign investors.
A young carefree couple enjoying time at a park
Property InvestingShould You Invest in Real Estate?
We break down the benefits of investing in property as opposed to stocks, give a comparison of their respective historical returns and risks, as well as some additional things you should keep in mind.
Australian real estate | :Different
Property InvestingInsights into the 2022 Australian Property Market Bubble
Looking for insights into what the future holds for the Australian property market bubble in 2022? You've come to the right place. We dig through the data and comb through expert opinions to bring you our predictions for the coming year.
A property insurance expert explaining the importance of property insurance to a couple
Property InvestingEverything You Need To Know About Investment Property Insurance
We get it: insurance can be costly, and you don’t want to be paying more expenses than you absolutely need to. That’s why we’re here to help.
A group of real estate investors discussing investment possibilities in both property and shares
Property InvestingInvesting in Property vs Shares in Australia - 2023
One mistake new investors often make is rushing into purchases. We’re here to answer your burning questions, and give you the inside scoop on investing in property versus shares in Australia this year.
Canberra suburbs you can invest in
Property Investing10 of the Best Suburbs in Canberra to Invest in 2023
Canberra is known for many things: great people, places and living, but one title it proudly holds onto is ‘The Goldilocks of Australian Real Estate’
Ballarat Town Hall
Property Investing7 Of The Best Ballarat Suburbs To Invest In 2023
Post-pandemic life has shifted real estate requirements. More and more tenants are choosing to live in wide open spaces rather than commercial clusters. This has made regional areas such as Ballarat skyrocket in demand and potential! 
A real estate investment expert explaining the financing and planning basics to a young couple
Property Investing8 Investment Property Financing & Planning Basics For Investors
Are you worried about losing money or not making money from your investment property? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know as an investor about the basics of investment property financing and financial planning.
An aerial view of a regional victoria investment suburb
Property Investing7 Best Regional Victorian Towns of 2022 for Property Investments
Looking a little bit further afield for your next property investment? Based on recent market performance, choosing regional Victorian towns might just give you that opportunity with some profitable returns. 
An image of a container home with a view
Property InvestingWhat Are Flat Pack Homes, and Should You Invest In One?
Flat pack or prefab homes are built off-site (or prefabricated) in sections, and each component is transported and assembled on-site. Flat pack homes offer many benefits that are likely to attract more investors in the future - read on to find out what they are!
a home investor calculating the benefits of a bridging finance loan
Property Investing10 Benefits Of A Bridging Finance Loan For Property Investors 
a couple looking for their first home as new buyers
Property InvestingThe Complete First Home Checklist for New Buyers
In this guide, we’ve created the ultimate checklist of things you need to know when buying your first home. From researching the right topics to dealing with the paperwork and creating clear goals, we’ve got you covered!
Distant view of Gold Coast
Property Investing6 Best Suburbs In Gold Coast To Invest In 2022
With its fantastic beachfronts, theme parks, universities, and unique public transport system that connects Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, Mainbeach, and Southport (among others), the Gold Coast is definitely a worthy contender to building out your property portfolio.
an aerial view of a high rental yield suburb in australia
Property Investing3 Highest Rental Yield Suburbs In Australia 2022
Rental yield is such an important factor that will help you make a prudent decision on your real estate investment. In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of the suburbs with the highest rental yield in Australia.
Explaining the restrictions on foreign investors buying real estate in Australia.
Property InvestingRestrictions on Foreigners Buying Property in Australia Explained
Investing in Australia is actually less complicated than other countries. However, there are still a number of restrictions on foreigners buying property in Australia. Most of these rules aren’t written down clearly, making it difficult for buyers to invest with confidence.
Property Investing7 Of The Best Ipswich Suburbs To Invest In 2022
a family with their real estate agent discussing what to do when property interest rates rise
Property InvestingWhat To Do When Property Interest Rates Rise?
We’re here to help you navigate uncharted territory by breaking down the driving factors behind these ‘sudden’ increases, how to best manage them, and what further rate hikes could be on the horizon.
Property Investing9 of The Best Suburbs To Invest In Bendigo 2022
To make sure you’re investing wisely, it’s important to take a look at what makes these suburbs in Bendigo great, and get a good understanding of their performance over the years. This can help you weigh the costs and benefits against what works for you personally.
Property InvestingWhat The Drop In Sydney Property Prices Means For Investors
Let’s run you through what is happening with Sydney property prices, what this means for you as an investor and how to navigate these changing market conditions with confidence.
A modular home with a pool and a yard wrapped around the house | :Different
Property InvestingWhat Is A Modular Home & Should You Invest In One
In this article, we explain what a modular home is, break down the pros and cons of modular homes, discuss why they’ve become so popular and help you determine whether they’re a suitable investment for you.
investment property depreciation
Property InvestingHow Investment & Rental Property Depreciation Works
Discover what investment property depreciation is, how it works, how much depreciation you might be able to claim and a stack of helpful tips to calculate depreciation on your rental property. 
Silver and gold pieces on a chess board signifying winning property investment strategies
Property InvestingProperty Investment Strategies For Tenants
Costs of homeownership explained
Property Investing7 Lesser-Known Homeownership Costs Explained
Not sure what homeownership costs come with an investment property? Here is your crash course on costs you have to look out for.
property owners making passive income through rental property
Property InvestingHow To Make Passive Income Through Rental Properties
Looking for passive income through rental properties? Read our blog on how you can use real estate to kick back and relax as the money flows in!
Investment property in Australia for British investors
Property InvestingBenefits of an Investment Property in Australia for British Investors
Plenty of property owners are already seeing the benefits of investing down under - and we’re here to answer the question on every British investor’s lips: Why invest in Australian property?
A man receiving keys
Property InvestingWhy Are Overseas Buyers Buying Property In Australia?
If you’re wondering why overseas buyers are buying property in Australia (particularly American investors), keep reading to discover the benefits of an investment property in Australia, what to look for in an investment property in Australia and the latest data on the Australian property market.
Three model houses depicting the Australian property and UK property
Property InvestingWhy Invest In Australian Property vs Property In United Kingdom?
This handy guide will break down the latest market trends, tax laws, and long term growth in Australia and the UK, as well as some compelling reasons why you should invest in the Australian property market.
people wearing masks and inspecting a house
Property InvestingHow COVID-19 Changed Australian Foreign Property Investment Market
Discover what the future holds for the Australian foreign property investment market and our insights into how to succeed in the Australian property market post-covid.
person calculating the financial benefits of property investment
Property InvestingBenefits Of An Investment Property In Australia For American Investors
Dip your toes into the world of foreign property investment! In this article, we examine the benefits of an investment property in Australia and share tips on what to look for as an American investor.
A look into the Australian property market
Property InvestingYour Ultimate Australian Property Guide 2022
Whether you're looking to buy or already own an Australian investment property, as an overseas investor here is all you need to know about the property market in Australia.
A woman making calculations
Property Investing5 Things To Do Before Buying An Overseas Investment Property
Investing in overseas markets can be a smart way to build your property portfolio but can expose you to unwanted risk. Here's five key things to consider before making a purchase on an overseas property investment.
An overseas investor reading about Australian real estate myths
Property InvestingDebunking Australian Real Estate Myths
Don't know the difference between fact and fiction when it comes to Australian real estate? Read on as we debunk some of Australia's biggest real estate myths for overseas investors.
Property Investing9 Of The Best Positive Geared Suburbs in Australia 2022
Positively geared suburbs might be the way to go if you are looking for steady returns, here are 9 of the best suburbs in Australia
Inspecting a property
Property InvestingHow To Inspect A Property Before Buying
How do owners know if a house is worth buying? Inspections are a key factor in making that decision, but what exactly is inspecting a property? Here is how you ensure you are avoiding a dud property by inspecting it.
Property InvestingHow to use demand and supply indicators when buying a property
Property InvestingHow to manage your emotions when buying a property investment
We sat down with Domenic Nesci (Co-Founder of Wealthi) to chat about the one mistake he wishes every investor wouldn’t make. You’ll learn about the risks he took to grow his now million dollar portfolio, and he shares his tips and tricks to help you follow in the same path. 
Property InvestingHow Do Infrastructure Developments Determine the Success of Your Property Investment?
We'll reveal how to research the property market by looking at infrastructure developments and how this can make a positive impact on your property portfolio. 
Property InvestingHow to Use Demographic Data to Research the Property Market
To help you make an informed decision about where to invest next, we chatted with Domenic Nesci, Co-Founder of Wealthi, to bring you this investor series designed to help you decide where to invest next.
property investing guide
Property InvestingThe Only Guide You'll Ever Need to Buying an Investment Property
By the time you've finished reading this guide, you'll have the mindset of a property investor, and you'll know everything you need for buying an investment property.
putting all eggs in one basked bank loans
Property Investing3 Little-Known Risks of Having All Your Loans With One Bank
There are some unexpected risks that come with having all your loans with one bank.  Today, we're partnering with Helen Collier-Kogtevs from Real Wealth Australia, to help property investors (like you) understand why sticking with the one bank might not be the best financing strategy for your investments. 
property investors managing their investment property
Property InvestingAll the Costs of Buying and Owning an Investment Property
We've compiled a list of the costs of an investment property and a case study to give you an idea of what the true cost base of your property might be.
A young woman contemplating whether or not she should sell her investment property
Property InvestingShould I Sell My Investment Property? Here Are 6 Signs To Sell
To help you decide whether it’s time to sell or keep your investment property, we’ve got some advice for you.
property blogs Australia
Property InvestingReal Estate Experts and Newsletters You Should Be Following
Here are some of our favourite property investing experts and property research newsletters in Australia.
using super to invest in property
Property InvestingUsing Your Super to Invest in Property in Australia - SMSF Guide
We'll explain exactly what’s involved, so you can decide if using super to buy an investment property is the right choice for you.
property portfolio
Property InvestingHow To Build A Property Portfolio That Works For You
Building a successful property portfolio boils down to three main things: diversifying your investments, bridging capital to get more properties, and strengthening your bases.
property investing avoiding common mistakes
Property Investing11 Common Property Investing Mistakes You Need to Avoid
Avoiding common mistakes when investing in rental properties can mean the difference between success and a dud investment property. Without due diligence, your financial stability and your capital growth could be on the line.
house trees
Property Investing9 Things You Need to Know Before Buying an Investment Property
Even though it gets easier with a few years of experience, the fear that there’s something you’ve missed doesn’t quite go away.
property investing strategies
Property InvestingHow to Invest in Property With Little Money
With thousands of dollars at stake, it can seem too risky and expensive to invest in property at all. But, there are more ways to invest in property than you might think.
gate to house
Property InvestingAn expert’s guide to selling your investment property
If you decide it’s the right time to sell your investment property, it’s important to work out the best exit strategy so you can save on taxes and ensure a smooth sales process. To help make the decision and sales process easier, the team from Upside Realty has put together an expert’s guide to selling your investment property, complete with a checklist to ensure you’re equipped with the right know-how when the time comes.
Property InvestingHow to Avoid a Dud Investment Property
Investing always comes with risk of some kind. But as long as you do your research and equip yourself with the knowledge to buy a property you’re confident in, you’ll be able to keep that risk to a minimum. In this blog post, we look at some of the warning signs of a dud property and provide you a checklist to use whenever you're considering a new investment property.
Property InvestingIs It A Good Time To Invest In Property? Here's How You Can Tell
Property mentor Helen Collier-Kogtevs has pitched in on the debate of timing the market or time in the market, and why time in the market is better. We’ve made a checklist that helps you be more like a duck - by having your finances sorted, and setting yourself up for property investing success. For the naysayers, we’ve also outlined what to look for when buying an investment property, and the signs of a property boom.
piggy bank
Property InvestingHow to Treat Your Property Like a Business
As an investor, you want to make sure your hard-earned cash is well spent on a property that will grow in value. To help bring you all the knowledge you need to maximise your returns, we’ve interviewed property educator Helen Collier-Kogtevs to share her expert insights with you. 
Property InvestingHow to Research What Tenants Really Want
Buying a property that tenants want to live in is the best & only way to reap the benefits of your investment, so you’ll want to ask the right questions to find out what tenants in the area are searching for. We’ve partnered with Helen Collier-Kogtevs, one of the leading property educators in the country, to guide you through this process.