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How We Keep Owners in the Loop During the Leasing Process

Published 29th July 2021Updated 6th April 2023

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We know leasing processes can get complicated. From playing phone tag with your property agent on the status of property photography or being left in the dark about inspection feedback, poor communication from property agents on leasing processes can be particularly frustrating.

In a recent survey, we found that 40% of owners surveyed said that communication (or lack thereof) was their biggest fear when choosing a new agent.

We know that each owner expects a different level of communication from us. So, whether you want us to call all the shots or prefer to work collaboratively, let’s walk you through how we keep owners (like you) up to date throughout the leasing process.

Get updates and reports on the things that matter

You’ve hired a property manager because you want to streamline your property’s leasing process and only be given updates on things that actually matter.

At :Different, our seasoned leasing experts know the hard work it takes to get your property ready to lease and that your time is valuable. So we make sure you’ll only hear from our team about the stuff that counts, keeping you up to speed throughout the leasing process. 

In practical terms, here’s when you’ll hear from us throughout the leasing journey:

  • We’ll send you an email to get your approval for your property’s marketing ad copy and professional photography. That way, you know we’ve captured the best bits of your rental before anything goes out to potential tenants.
  • Once we’ve got the green light from you, we’ll shoot you another email to share that the listing is live, with direct links to Domain and so you can check it out for yourself.
  • Before any scheduled open homes, we’ll send you an email to confirm inspection times so you’re never left wondering if your property has been viewed or not.
  • After each inspection wraps up, your leasing manager will send a quick text with any feedback we’ve received. Plus, we’ll shoot over an email 30 minutes after the inspection with the number of attendees and any extra notes so you have everything in writing, too.
  • During this period, you’ll also receive an email containing all the important stats about your online listing so you can track how your leasing campaign is performing and the level of interest it’s generating.
  • Once the applications start rolling in and we’ve completed all the necessary reference checks, your leasing manager will give you a call to chat you through the top candidates. You’ll also receive a summary email of these applicants via email to help you make an informed decision about who to lease your rental too.
  • And once your approved applicant pays their holding deposit, you’ll receive a quick email from us to let you know you’ve successfully secured your ideal tenant.

From here on, all you need to do is sit back and stay hassle-free, knowing you’ve got a team of experts handling all the paperwork and your new tenant for you.

Have a say in important decisions

Every owner is different. For some, giving us the power to call the shots is better aligned with their set-and-forget investment approach. But for others, being brought to the table to make big decisions lets them retain control over their investment property.

No matter what approach you’d like to take, we give owners a choice to be as hands-on (or off) as they’d like throughout the leasing process.  

For example, before we hit publish on your rental listing, we’ll reach out for your approval on the ad copy and photography. This gives owners (like you) the opportunity to weigh in and make any changes, so you’re completely satisfied with the way we’re marketing your property.

And when it comes to choosing the successful applicant, your leasing manager will give you a call to walk you through the best applicants and share our strategic advice. But, you’ll always have the final say over who scores the keys to your rental. 

So, what does it look like in reality?

It’s no secret that the pandemic has presented big hurdles for owners across the globe. Here’s how we helped two :Different owners navigate the challenges of lockdowns when leasing their investment properties. 

Meet Roland. He’s a seasoned investor who scored his first Australian investment property back in early 2020. We helped Roland secure tenants just before COVID-19 hit. But, his tenant faced a number of challenges, including a 20% salary reduction. 

So, Roland worked with the :Different team to come to a mutually beneficial agreement: a 20% rent reduction. 

In the midst of launching his own business (during Victoria’s Stage Four lockdown, no less!), Roland didn’t need the added stress of having to handle these negotiations himself. So, he was grateful to have Danielle Bunton (Head of Transitions at :Different) to take this task off his plate and keep him up to date every step of the way.

Meet Michael. He’s got a stack of rentals in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne but had become disillusioned with his past property manager’s lack of communication.

So, he switched to :Different, a decision he was particularly glad to have made during the pandemic. After a family trip to Malta, he became stuck overseas (with no idea when he could return to Australia due to COVID-19 travel restrictions).

But his rental properties were the least of his worries. After losing his original tenants, the :Different team helped Michael lease his two rentals and found tenants quickly for both properties. Michael received regular updates (especially helpful when living in a different timezone) and was never left wondering about the status of either leasing process. 

“At a time which was already stressful enough, it’s been one less thing I’ve had to deal with.”

 Michael, :Different Owner

Good communication in property management is crucial. We keep our owners up to date about all the things that matter (without cluttering your inbox). We use our expert judgement to streamline communications while still giving you total control to weigh in on all the big decisions. That means we help you secure tenants faster and more efficiently, so you can focus your time and energy on what’s important to you.

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