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A property manager and tenants discussing the possibility of breaking a lease
Property Leasing Your Complete Breakdown Of Breaking A Lease In Australia
If you’re a tenant or a landlord confused about the legalities of breaking a lease, you’ve come to the right place. We’re discussing the nitty-gritty of breaking a lease in Australia and answering some key questions about the topic. 
A blue sand hourglass on a calendar board
Property Leasing Periodic Lease vs. Fixed-Term Lease - What's Better?
As an owner you can have tenants on either periodic or fixed-term lease, what's better for you? In this article, we help you make an informed decision on what's best for your investment property.
A couple at an open home with a property manager
Property Leasing 3 Proven Open Home Strategies - Get Open Houses Right
The strategy behind open homes, and how you can get your property off the market quick.
A woman on a couch using :Different's property management services on her phone
Property Leasing How We Keep Owners in the Loop During the Leasing Process
Leasing is complicated, we simplify this by keeping our owners well informed throughout the whole process.
A renovation man turning your home into a rental property
Property Leasing How To Turn Your Home Into A Rental Property
A step-by-step guide on how you can turn your current home into a rental property and begin your journey as a landlord
Outdoor deck with lounging furniture
Property Leasing 9 Ways to Minimise Your Rental Lease Costs
We’ll equip you with some methods that will help you sidestep these unsightly rental lease costs and losses, so you can stay the course in the financial green.
Property Leasing How to Handle Rental Property Damages by the Tenant
A detailed explanation of figuring out who is responsible for damages and how to get them fixed.
A young man looking at a screen with a checklist besides him
Property Leasing What are the Minimum Standards for Rental Properties in VIC, and how to meet them
Here's what you need to know about minimum rental standards when leasing your investment property in VIC.
A father, young daughter and mother, holding a house key
Property Leasing What to expect as a tenant when leasing with :Different
A step-by-step walkthrough of a tenants experience when leasing with :Different
property owner using leasing software
Property Leasing How technology at :Different makes leasing your property a breeze
Learn how our property leasing software can benefit and compliment the human aspects of leasing your property.
A woman looking at her yellow phone with a checklist
Property Leasing What are the minimum standards for rental properties in NSW, and how to meet them
We'll cut through all the legal jargon on state tenancy laws and tell just what you need to know about minimum standards for rental properties in NSW
tenants breaking lease early
Property Leasing What Landlords Should Do When Tenants Want to Break a Lease Early
renting out property for the first time
Property Leasing 9 Tips When Renting Out Your Property for the First Time
We’ve come up with a few tips to help you rent out your first property fast and expertly.
reducing vacancy rates
Property Leasing 9 Tips for Reducing Your Rental Property's Vacancy Rates
By following our tips you'll take steps to keep your rental property's vacancy rate at a minimum
renting out your property
Property Leasing Renting Out Your Property Successfully - 6 Factors
We dive into 6 leasing marketing strategies you can use to reduce vacancy rates and secure a good tenant as quickly as possible.
rental appraisal property
Property Leasing How to Conduct a Rental Appraisal
A rental appraisal letter helps take out the guesswork. Learn how you can get a rental appraisal and how to calculate the monthly rent yourself.
increase rental yield on investment property
Property Leasing 11 Tips to Boost Your Rental Yield
Luckily, investing in ways to increase the returns on your investment property doesn't have to break the bank.
property manager with great tenant experience
Property Leasing Why You Need a Property Manager With a Great Tenant Experience
If you don't take some steps to check if your property manager facilitates a good landlord-tenant relationship, you'll find that your tenants will rarely ever renew their lease, break it early, or come to you with the problems you pay your property manager to handle.
tenant selection guide
Property Leasing Settle or Keep Looking? Tenant Selection Guide for Landlords
Understanding how to pick a good tenant will help you avoid income gaps and ensure that your investment property will be taken care of, so the stakes are high.
reducing the rent on rental property advertisement
Property Leasing Hold or Fold? When to Reduce the Rent on Your Property Advertisement
If you've had a vacancy for some time and aren't reliably getting rental applications, reducing the rent might be just what the doctor ordered.
finding good tenants
Property Leasing 7 Tips For Finding Good Tenants For Your Rental Property
Greatly increase your chances of scoring a superstar tenant every time.
new tenant checklist
Property Leasing New Tenant Checklist - Be Prepared For Tenant Move-In
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