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Here’s How :Different Finds You a Fair Maintenance Quote

Published 29th March 2021Updated 4th April 2023

getting the best maintenance quotes

Your tenant’s bathroom tap breaks. You’ve got a busy day of meetings, but manage to squeeze in calling a few tradies during your lunch break. You want to get the issue solved fast, but you’re not sure if the tradesperson you’ve booked is reputable, or if you’ve gotten a fair rate.

When it comes to maintenance and repairs, a good property manager can give you a leg up to make sure you’re never paying too much.

Let’s look at how :Different helps owners find the best price with our industry tools, databases of trusted tradies, and our data-driven approach.

Benefit from our trusted trade network 

It’s hard to filter the good from the bad when you’re searching for tradies online. And you may not be completely clear on how their rate compares to other tradies in your area. 

:Different has a network of trusted tradespeople and property maintenance companies that we recommend to our owners. We’ve used them for hundreds of properties and can say with confidence that they’ll do a good job. 

We deal with hundreds of property maintenance requests every month, so we know the trustworthy organisations who will do the job well.

As an owner at :Different you also get access to trade partner prices, which helps save some coin on your rental property repairs. 

These maintenance savings add up over the span of an investment journey, but the big picture here is that our network of tradies helps take the guesswork out of the equation when you’re trying to get that leaky tap fixed.

Rest assured you’re paying the best price with live price comparisons

We understand that it can be difficult to know if you’re being charged a fair rate for your repairs. 

Owners who use :Different have access to our benchmark data which gives them a snapshot of how much they should expect to pay for standard maintenance requests. 

Using our historical data, we can help owners calculate what each job should cost, and offer clear cost guidelines and quotes before any work is done. 

By seeing what other owners in your area have paid in the past, you’ll know that you’re paying the right price for every job. 

Take this example: our data shows that 80% of maintenance requests for “Leaky Taps” cost less than $156 to be fixed

As an owner with :Different, you get live maintenance cost estimates, which always gives you peace of mind that you're paying a fair rate on quotes with tradespeople.

But, the amount you’d expect to pay for repairs and maintenance changes over time as the cost of living goes up. That’s why we constantly update our bank of historical data to keep it up-to-date with the latest market changes to ensure that you get a competitive rate. 

Plus, we’re always adding more benchmark pricing guides for new services to give our owners greater confidence when booking a tradie. This gives you the ability to cross-check your quotes against reliable data so you always know you’re getting charged a fair price.

We help your tenant troubleshoot the issue before we escalate the maintenance request

Not all maintenance requests will need a tradie. That’s why our team reviews each request from your tenants first to make sure we have all the information on-hand to make an informed decision about how to resolve it. 

We’ll be your tenant’s first point-of-contact through the app, and will run through a bunch of potential solutions to resolve the problem. That means we’ll never call out a tradie unnecessarily, ensuring you’re only paying for legitimate repairs and maintenance requests.

Faster repairs for happier tenants 

Fixing that leaky tap promptly is a big piece of the puzzle to keeping good tenants happy.

In fact, tenants who were unhappy about things like overdue maintenance requests are 35% less likely to renew their lease.

Our Owner App allows you to review and approve maintenance requests in seconds (and outside of business hours, too). With tech, we’re able to speed up the repairs process, stop small issues from becoming big problems and keep costs down for you.

The means 94% of our tenants have their requests processed in under 12 hours. Plus, 98% of approved requests are assigned to a tradie within 24 hours, giving you the confidence that your property will be back in top condition sooner. 

At :Different, 94% of property maintenance requests are processed within 12 hours.

You want to keep your property in the best condition you can. By speeding up the repairs process using tech, we help our owners:

  • Stay up-to-date with the progress of every issue with our easy-to-use mobile app
  • Approve requests and browse quotes in a few taps 
  • Set notifications automatically sent when a job is complete 

This also means your tenants are kept up-to-date, your rental will remain in good condition and you’ll keep your tenants happy along the way. 

The truth is that repairs and maintenance can be a major expense. But with a tech-savvy property manager who can offer you benchmark pricing and competitive partner rates, you can rest assured you’re paying a fair price and safeguarding your rental income for your back pocket. 

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