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The Difference Between :Different’s Team-Based Approach And Traditional Property Managers - Is it Better?

Published 17th August 2021Updated 10th August 2022

A team ready to help you manage your investment home

According to recent statistics, the majority of rental property owners choose to work with a manager. Why wouldn’t you? It makes life a whole lot easier and can maximise the benefits of your investment big time. 

However, we all know that finding the right property manager for you can be a chore. Someone who has financial knowledge, marketing expertise, and who is also an organisational whiz can be hard to find. Not to mention if you do find the perfect fit, they may then go on leave, or be off work sick when you’re urgently trying to reach them. Communication has been listed as rental property owners’ number one priority when it comes to their property managers, with 74% stating that poor service is the top reason why they would leave their current manager.

This is why here at :Different, we’ve chosen to approach things a little a team-based approach as opposed to the traditional individual property manager. Take a look below to find out how this approach can save you valuable time, money, and patience. 

Consistency is key

Imagine your tenants have contacted you about an issue you haven’t dealt with before, so you need your property manager’s help. When you contact them, however, you find that they’re on leave for the next week. You can get assistance from their colleague, but this will require an explanation of the intricacies of your property and tenants, causing what would have been a quick fix to take countless calls and emails. 

With our team-based approach, you need not worry about if a team member is away or off sick, there will always be someone around to answer your questions. We have one central inbox for the whole team, meaning you won’t have to explain your issue multiple times if you’re speaking to different team members, and we’ll send your query to the best person for the job. No more trying to keep track of multiple emails for different enquiries!

According to a recent survey, communication is the number one driving factor for property investment success - a whopping 64% of those surveyed stating that it was their key focus. So it’s not only making your life a whole lot easier, it’s increasing the value of your property by providing you and your tenants with the highest quality of support possible.

Expert attention

There are, without a doubt, some stellar property managers out there, with decades of experience in the industry. Despite this, no one person can know anything, and there are a LOT of unique aspects involved in managing a property. 

Our team-based approach allows us to have a range of experts in specific fields, including finance, marketing, and tech. We have recently developed a new account management-based operations system in which there will be a team of 3 experts managing a set number of clients. This will allow you to get to know your team, and allow us to be intimately familiar with your needs. After examining our customer’s needs, we found that having quality communication with a small team that you trust was vital. We’ve therefore developed our new operations system in line with your key values. 

These teams include experts in specific aspects of the property management process - maintenance, finance, routines, scheduling, leasing and account management. Any queries you send through will be forwarded to the right team member who can help you out. 

High quality care

This team-based approach not only gives you effective results, but it also gives them to you in the most timely manner possible - according to our data, 90% of the messages we receive are responded to within just 12 hours

If you’re concerned that the team-based approach could mean communicating with too many people at once, fear not. We’ve heard our customer’s concerns and developed the new role of a Property Partner, which will be in place from September 1. Working in unison with our innovative tech and a team of specialists, your dedicated Property Partner will be your trusted advisor and partner in the home helping you during tricky and complicated situations such as compliance, maintenance, leasing and the like.

Smooth communication between you, your tenants, and your property manager is vital not only for getting things done, but for allowing you to get the most value out of your investment. :Different’s team-based approach makes this process markedly faster and easier. 

Our specialised experts, account management system, centralised inbox, and speedy response time eases the pressures on you and keeps your tenants content while always keeping you in the loop. What’s not to love?

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