Property Management

Property managementIntroducing 3D Virtual Inspections
At :Different, we are constantly looking for ways to provide better service to our owners and tenants. To deliver a better overall experience for both tenants and owners, we are now offering virtual h...
07 May 2020   |   Ivy Yu
Property managementWhy spring is the best season to list your rental property
Could that uplifting spring energy help you attract high-calibre tenants in a competitive rental market? We think so. Here are three reasons why spring is a great time for rental listings:
30 October 2018   |   Team :Different
Property managementWhat to expect from an inspection report
A good property inspection report pays attention to details, is extensive, allows you to be aware of the property's conditions and whether there's any aspects that require repairs. When inspecting, we...
02 October 2019   |   Alexandra Thompson
Property managementHow we find the right tenant for your property
Finding good tenants is key to a happy, long term tenancy, we know that time is money in the leasing game and we want to ensure that our clients have the best quality tenants in their properties in th...
30 February 2020   |   Ivy Yu
Property managementNew owner guide
Welcome to :Different! As a new owner you will find some of our processes familiar and some – well, different. Below we have broken down some of the most standard processes you will experience with us...
02 May 2020   |   Team :Different
Property managementNSW tenancy law changes - what they mean for you
Tenancy laws are a hot topic, with more than one-third of NSW residents renting. A new bill before Parliament looks set to reform current NSW tenancy laws, in what is said to be the biggest shake-up o...
26 October 2018   |   Team :Different
Property managementIs it time to say goodbye to common fees for property management?
Purchasing an investment property can be a great way to build long term wealth however it's important that you understand the varying property management fees and what they are to ensure you're making...
25 January 2018   |   Team :Different
Property managementCOVID-19 FAQ
It’s a challenging time for everyone and we understand that the last thing our customers want is to worry about something to do with their homes. We’re taking a proactive approach and following govern...
24 April 2020   |   Team :Different
Property management5 tips for happy, long-term tenants
Ensuring your existing tenants are happy and continue renting is a real issue many landlords face. In this blog post, we give you some helpful advice to focus on in order to ensure your tenants remain...
21 August 2019   |   Team :Different
Property managementGet to know the Brisbane team
We have two superstars joining us in Brisbane and we wanted you to get to know them both a bit better. They will be backed up by our larger team who operate across Australia and the globe. Thanks to o...
03 January 2019   |   Team :Different
Property managementLandlord pain spotlight (The art of setting and forgetting)
The traditional model of property management makes life way harder than it needs to be, with incessant back-and-forths over email or phone, complicated billing structures, unfiltered requests… But :Di...
04 August 2019   |   Team :Different
Property managementLandlord pain spotlight (How to save on $$$ but not on service)
Many people have the belief that the more you pay, the higher the quality. However this isn't the case with property management. Traditional property management is very profitable due to the high fees...
04 August 2019   |   Team :Different
Property managementThree questions you should always ask your property manager
Deciding the right property manager can be quite difficult after all they're looking after your most expensive asset. Here are 3 questions to help you decide whether to start with them or leave them.
05 October 2017   |   Team :Different
Property managementGetting your property ready to lease
Putting a property up for lease can be stressful. Whether you’re getting your property ready to lease for the first time or between tenants, a few simple checks and measures should be done to ensure y...
28 February 2020   |   Ivy Yu
Property managementWhat will the real estate agency of the future look like?
When people think about the future of any industry, they often focus on technology, rather than people. Given that, what role does technology actually play in the real estate industry? And what should...
12 August 2018   |   Mina Radhakrishnan
Property managementTenants and Airbnb
Let’s say your tenant is going away for a couple days around New Years. They they sublet the place on Airbnb to a stranger who hosts a huge party. Someone gets drunk, slips and gets hurt. You get sued...
10 January 2017   |   Team :Different
Property managementWhat you need to know about switching property managers
Changing property managers isn't as difficult or expensive as often believed. Did you know you can change property managers whenever with minimal disturbance to your tenants?
01 June 2020   |   Ivy Yu
Property managementThe King's 9 tips for picking good tenants
While no one can ever replace Elvis, you can be the King of choosing a tenant for your property. When reading that tenant application, avoid getting all shook up by asking yourself three key questions...
20 September 2017   |   Team :Different
Property managementOur team-based approach explained
You’ve heard the term ‘one team, one dream’, here at :Different, we live by this motto. We pride ourselves on delivering best-in-class service to our owners and tenants and the key to this success is ...
02 May 2020   |   Team :Different
Property managementLandlord pain spotlight (Finding and keeping great tenants)
At :Different we take a two-step approach to leasing: finding you good, high-quality, long-term tenants AND working hard to keep them there.
04 August 2019   |   Team :Different