Tenants: What you need to know ahead of your routine inspection

If you've just heard from our team that you're scheduled for a routine inspection, you may have questions about how we're going to carry out the process. Here's what you need to know ahead of your ins...
15 March 2022   |   Team :Different

Tenants Rights and Responsibilities in Australia Explained

Today, we’ll uncover some of the most common problems and questions surrounding tenants' rights and responsibilities, so that you’re crystal-clear about what you’re entitled to, and what your obligati...
13 undefined 2020   |   Team :Different

This Court Case Changes Everything for NSW Tenants and Their Pets

Pet owners, rejoice! Apartments in NSW have traditionally been strictly 'no pets allowed.' Now, that's changed. Let’s debrief on the recent big win for NSW tenants and their pets!
22 January 2020   |   Team :Different

Top 3 Benefits of being a :Different tenant

We’ve revamped the property management space to enable a smoother tenancy experience for Australians nationwide. Thanks to our intuitive Tenant App and a team of professional individuals, we guarantee...
05 August 2020   |   Team :Different
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