Tenants: What you need to know ahead of your routine inspection

Published 15 February 2022 - Updated 6 months ago

Have you just heard from our team that you’re scheduled for a routine inspection? If this is your first inspection as a :Different tenant, you may have questions about how we’re going to carry out the process. You might even have doubts about letting us into your home, because, well, it’s your home - and we get it!

While these inspections are there for us to check on the property on behalf of the owner, we’re also here to make sure you feel comfortable and confident knowing what to expect. 

We’re here to respect your space and lifestyle

Regular routine inspections are necessary to check in on the property and identify possible maintenance issues - but you can rest assured that we’re not conducting a housework inspection! We appreciate that the property is your home, so a tidy and well-kept effort is enough.

Be mindful we will need to take photos of the property

To make sure that we can provide the owner with an accurate view of the condition of the property (and also meet insurance requirements), our staff will need to take photos of both the interior and exterior of the property.

Your attendance is completely optional

You’re very welcome to join our staff at the inspection, but no stress if you can’t make it. We’ll use our office keys for access if you’re unable to be home at the scheduled time, and we’ll always be sure to leave your home as we found it.

Log your maintenance request ahead of the inspection

If you’ve experienced any general maintenance issues, please log these through your Tenant App before the day of the inspection, so that the owner can review these in advance. 

Here’s how to log a maintenance request in your app: 

  1. Tap the maintenance tab on the bottom of your home page 
  2. Tap the purple plus button
  3. Follow the prompts to submit your request 

Keep dogs restrained during the inspection

If you have a dog, please make sure that they are either restrained or away from the property during the inspection to ensure that our staff have safe access to the entire property.

We’re taking precautions to keep you safe

Understandably, you might have some concerns around COVID-19 and what we’re doing to keep you safe. These are the safety measures and precautions that we’ll be taking. 

  • Only those who are fully vaccinated can attend the inspection, unless they have a medical exemption. This includes the owner and our staff, who will be more than happy to provide proof of their vaccination status before entering your home if requested.
  • All attendees (i.e. our Home Expert and the property owner), will be required to wear a mask during the inspection unless they have a medical exemption, and we ask that you please do the same. 
  • We’ll always maintain a social distance of 1.5 metres between attendees.
  • We encourage you to have the doors in the property open to minimise surface contact.

Routine inspections are a necessary part of good property management and help make sure that your home is safe and stays well maintained. We will always respect your space and lifestyle during our inspections and will leave your home as we found it.  

If you have any questions, please feel free contact your Property Partner through your app or email us at hello@different.com.au

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