Top 3 Benefits of being a :Different tenant

Published 05 July 2020 by Team :Different

We’ve revamped the property management space to enable a smoother tenancy experience for Australians nationwide. Thanks to our intuitive Tenant App and a team of professional individuals, we guarantee your tenancy will be like no other. Here’s a few reasons why being a :Different tenant is simply better:

1. Tenant App

Our Tenant App streamlines everything in regards to your tenancy and lease so you can get on demand access to important information, when you want, where you want, all in the palms of your hand. We understand that everybody wants the leasing experience to be as efficient and laidback as possible, and our Tenant App is the perfect embodiment of just that. With automatic payments, you won’t have to worry about paying rent rent and incurring a dishonour fee just because you simply forgot the payment date. Go about your normal daily life, and have our technology take care of the boring, repetitive things via our property management software.

2. 24/7 Communication

No tenant likes constantly chasing up emails and phone calls to update themselves on where their maintenance request is at. We’ve diversified our channels of communication so that we’re reachable via phone, email, live chat and social media, so that there’ll always be someone available to assist you. Our team based approach ensures that the most readily available individual is here to jump in and help you. Instead of having to wait for a property manager to get back from their holiday in Phuket or recover from the flu, there’ll always be a specialised individual who can assist with your needs in any given department.

3. Maintenance

Imagine having to live with a broken fridge for a month or a leaky roof in a storm, all because you don’t know whether your maintenance request has been lodged to the right person.

With :Different, that won’t ever happen. We’ve made lodging property maintenance requests super easy and have a network of trusted tradespeople who are great at their jobs. With a couple of simple shots of the maintenance issue, your request will be sent to us and the owner for review. And for utmost transparency, you’ll be updated at every stage of process from approval, to in progress, to done!

Gone are the days where you're left wondering where that leaky roof situation is at - your home will be in working order in no time.

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