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How :Different Does Property Management And Maintenance

Published 8th September 2021Updated 6th April 2023

A look into how we property management and maintenance on our Owner App

Property management and maintenance requires a lot of work and that’s why for some, it’s a full-time job! About 80% of homeowners are happy for their property to be taken care of by a property manager. 

Maintenance adds another layer of difficulty - we found that maintenance issues were a major challenge for 25% of property owners we surveyed

:Different welcomes you to modern property management and takes the hassle out of the hustle. By allowing you or your tenant to report a problem, getting it approved and assigned to a tradie in no more than 12 hours, property management, maintenance and repairs become as easy as apple pie!

The perks? :Different will take care of pretty much everything else. Whether it be putting your property on the market, finding new tenants, conducting inspections or getting your finances in order for tax time, :Different’s got you covered.  

Modern property management - easy, efficient and accessible

Having a property management and maintenance plan is a great way to minimise damage to your investment property and practice preventative maintenance, but the adhoc repair will still crop up from time to time.

Enter :Different.

Think of :Different as your personal friendly property manager who also happens to be on call 24/7. That’s the beauty of harnessing the power of technology - a modern property management service reliant on tech gives you unprecedented access at any time. 

The onset of the pandemic sent 40% of the working population in Australia into remote working conditions. Property managers and real estate services have had to adapt too. 

Unlike traditional property management services, :Different hasn’t had to lose time transitioning into a remote environment to be able to serve our clients - we’re already built that way.

 Here’s just some of what :Different does for you:

  • Inspections
  • Repairs and property maintenance
  • Documentation of all interactions (including receipts and rental yield)
  • EOFY and Tax preparation

Some of these services have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Have a read of our breakdown of the Owner App to learn more about what we offer.

How traditional property management does maintenance

Get ready for your phone to ring itself off the tabletop you left it on.

Sometimes, that can be the mantra when it comes to property maintenance - the old fashioned way. 

Good property managers can do a fantastic job at maintaining your investment property, planning, and managing repairs. But they are often inundated with many properties and clients. 

Usually, a tenant will get in touch with the property management to request maintenance work orders. Depending on the severity of the damage (clogged toilet or broken window), the repair can take place within the next 12-48 hours or less. 

However, if the damage is less serious (like a leaky tap or beeping fire alarm), the tenants might find themselves waiting.

Then, they’ll start calling you. You might find yourself in a triangle of calls between yourself, your tenant and your property manager, trying to understand what the repair is and when you’ll be able to get it done for your tenants. 

If you find yourself doing a lot of this, then you’re doing your property manager’s job so you might want to consider switching

How :Different does maintenance

Let’s get into the nitty gritty re modern property management maintenance. 

So there are a couple of scenarios that can happen when it comes to maintenance. Generally, your tenants will make maintenance requests. 

When your tenant makes a maintenance request:

1. You’ll get a notification about the request

Property Maintenance notification on our owner app

2. The team will review and  assign the request to a tradie, and when it is completed - you’ll get notified every step of the way

3. You’ll get a ping if your input is required for any request

Push notification on your maintenance requests

Alternatively, you’ll be able to put in a maintenance request as well. The team will also review and assign this and will keep you posted with notifications of how it’s going. 

How :Different gets it right

In addition to harnessing the power of technology, at :Different, we are always looking for ways to optimise our customer experience.

We constantly run surveys and polls with our owners and tenants to learn more about what’s working and what their challenges are. 

As a result, we have a pretty good grasp of what makes a property owner’s life easier and here’s how we’ve infused our findings into our service:

  • Not a one-size-fits-all: some requests are resolved without tradies. When your tenant makes a maintenance request, we’ll conduct a safety check and troubleshoot the issue to make sure it needs to be actioned or assigned to a tradie.  
  • Quick service: we know that waiting for a repair can be stressful for both tenants and owners. To alleviate that stress, we process 94% of requests within 12 hours and assign 98% of requests to tradies within 24 hours. Not too shabby!
  • Reasonable pricing: on the owner app, quote estimates are data-driven. We’ll let you know what 80% of the owners typically spend on a particular repair and give you a quote estimate based on that data set. The days of getting ripped off by tradespeople are over!  
  • Trade network ready: you get to benefit from our tried and trusted network of professional and prompt tradies. That means you don’t have to endure your tenant constantly reminding you of a repair while you’re out fishing for the right tradie to fix the problem.
  • Notifications: our owner app means that you are always kept in the loop. You’ll know when a new maintenance request pops up when it’s assigned and completed. In the meantime, you won’t have to worry about nada!
  • You won’t need to meet or call your tenant: sit back and relax while your tenants request repairs through the Tenant App without having to call or meet with you. We’ll handle the rest.

The cost

The average monthly property management fee is $146 in New South Wales, $160 in Victoria, and $204 in Queensland. 

With :Different, wherever you are in Australia you get: 

  • Around the clock access to all property-related documents
  • Quick turnover of maintenance requests
  • Complimentary tax prep
  • A rental property partner to be your first point of contact when there is trouble

We’re committed to remaining competitive and relevant with our pricing whilst providing outstanding service and perks like our EOFY package, which traditional property management providers usually charge extra for. 

We’ll continue to work hard at taking the fuss out of property management and maintenance to make your life and the life of your tenant easier in the long term. If you have an inquiry, you can always consult with one of our experts.

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