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Pet-proofing your investment property

Published 16th September 2019Updated 3rd April 2023

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While it would be amazing to have a whole post with only pictures of cute puppies and kittens, we just can’t justify that. So, we compromised and in between cute pictures here are some suggestions on how to pet-proof your rental property. 

The rental laws in Victoria are changing and one of those changes is that rental properties are now much more ‘pet-friendly’. A Victorian tenant now only needs to gain written consent from the landlord in order to have a pet. The only way that the landlord can refuse is by getting approval from VCAT.

With Victoria implementing changes like this, the other states and territories won’t be too far behind. So, why not start thinking about what minor changes can be made to ensure your tenants and their pets are comfortable in their home. 

dog and owner

Speak with your tenants

Chatting with your tenants (or prompting your property manager to have a chat) about having an animal in your rental property management is a great first step. Tenants are usually more than happy to be flexible, and at the end of the day, any property damage is on them to repair. A few points to discuss:

  • If you have air conditioning or ducted heating, consider letting the tenant know that animal hair can clog the vents and suggest regular grooming for long-haired animals. Agree upon a recommended regular filter change and anything additional is to be at the cost of the tenant.
  • If there is an expensive carpet in certain rooms perhaps just informing the tenants will be enough. Recommending or even purchasing and installing safety gates is a cost-effective way to keep some pets out of these areas. 
  • Ensure that any damaged fencing is repaired and that animals have an undercover area outside to encourage tenants to leave their pets outdoors during the day.

Make your garden hardy and safe

Many plants are poisonous for cats and dogs. If these plants are in the garden, make sure the tenant is informed. If they have pets consider removing the plants altogether. 

If you happen to be looking at renovating your garden or courtyard, consider making it easy to maintain for the tenant. Check out some ideas in the recent :Different low cost, low maintenance garden ideas post.

Use the tough paint

If you’re thinking of giving the place a lick of paint, go with the wipe friendly, tougher paints. These fare much better than the satin finish when it comes to happy puppies or messy kittens. Sometimes all it takes is a happy wagging tail after a roll in the mud and the walls are a disgrace!

flowers near window

Invest in landlord insurance

This should be a given. Not just to cover potential pet damage but to cover anything that goes wrong. You insurance your residence, why not your investment property? 

Landlords want their tenants to be happy, pay rent, and take care of the property they inhabit as if they owned it themselves. By making the tenant as comfortable as possible and showing that the landlord cares, tenants are sure to go the extra mile and stay in a property longer, truly making it their home. 

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