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Find the right tradie for your investment property
Property MaintenanceHere's How To Find A Tradie For Your Investment Property
Finding a good tradie for your investment property maintenances is crucial if you want to see steady rental returns. But how do you find a good tradie? Learn how you can find a tradie for your investment home with our blog.
a happy couple reading the differences on rental property repairs vs improvements
Property MaintenanceRental Property Repairs vs Improvements - What's Better For You?
Is remodelling your rental home's kitchen considered regular maintenance or an improvement? If you're confused on how to tell the two apart, this blog is perfect for you! Learn more about the difference between the two terms and what's best for your investment property.
A landlord looking at how we solve maintenance issues efficiently through our Owner app
Property MaintenanceHow :Different Helps Solve Maintenance Issues Efficiently
If property maintenance issues have you scratching your head, here's a different way of doing things. Here is how we help make maintenance a smooth and ease process.
A tradesperson carrying our various types of property maintenance
Property Maintenance4 Types Of Property Maintenance & What’s Best For Your Property
The type of maintenance you use for your investment property can help you save time and money when it comes to your biggest asset. Read our blog what types of maintenance exist and what's best for your rental property.
landlord mistakes to avoid on maintenance and repairs
Property Maintenance5 Landlord Mistakes On Maintenance And Repair To Avoid
Maintenance and repair costs can stake up, and before you know it your steady returns are not so steady anymore. Read up on the mistakes your can avoid and secure your returns and the value of you investment property.
Five ways your tenant can help you save money on maintenance and repairs
Property Maintenance5 Strategies For Reducing Maintenance Costs With Your Tenants
A tenant helping you better take care of your rental home is not as uncommon as you think. Here are five ways you can reduce your maintenance costs with a little help from your tenants.
A landlord wondering if his tenants maintenance request is reasonable
Property MaintenanceIs My Tenant's Maintenance Request Reasonable?
If you're unsure on what counts as reasonable and unreasonable maintenance requests from your tenant, this blog is for you.
Property owners and tenants conducting seasonal maintenance
Property MaintenanceSeasonal Maintenance Tips That’ll Reduce Home Maintenance Costs
Confused about how maintaining your investment home changes with the changing seasons? You've come to the right place.
A man calculating a property maintenance price list
Property MaintenanceHere's How A Fair Property Maintenance Price List Looks Like
House maintenance costs can be confusing, are you paying the right amount or you being overcharged for that broken sink? We've curated a fair property maintenance price list to put your worries to rest
A property management official helping you save money on maintenance
Property MaintenanceHow :Different Helps Reduce Your House Maintenance Costs
Learn how we can help you reduce your overall cost of maintenance through our expert team and innovative tech
A man conducting landscape maintenance on a rental property
Property MaintenanceWho Is Responsible For A Rental Property's Landscape Maintenance?
Landscape maintenance is a hotly debated maintenance issue. With confusion on who is responsible and how it works, we've compiled all the information you need on making sure your front yard is prim and proper, no matter who does the maintenance.
A pristine looking house made possible by best practice property maintenance
Property MaintenanceHere's What Best Practice Home Maintenance And Repairs Looks Like
Ever wondered what the ideal property maintenance experience looks like? Well look no further.
A property manager working on their repairs and maintenance responsibilities
Property MaintenanceWhat Are The Repairs & Maintenance Responsibilities Of A Property Manager?
By knowing the responsibilities your property manager has on maintenance, can help you better understand how you can save money and time, and more importantly if it time to switch your property manager.
Understanding how leasing to bad rental tenants can cause issues
Property MaintenanceHow Leasing To Bad Rental Tenants Leads To Maintenance Costs
Finding and leasing to the wrong tenant not only affects your rental returns, but can also lead to increased maintenance costs. With this blog find out how you can avoid leasing to tenants who increase your costs
A tradie doing a good maintenance job
Property MaintenanceIs Your Property Manager Doing A Good Maintenance Job?
Property maintenance is crucial in maintaining your homes health and the happiness of your tenant, poor management of maintenance issues can bleed your rental home returns dry. Here's how you can vet your property manager on maintenance issues and decide if its time to switch.
An old lady asking questions to her property manager
Property Maintenance7 Questions to Ask A Property Manager on Property Maintenance
As a property investor, being confused about the maintenance of your rental home is natural, here are 7 questions to ask your property manager to help ease your worries
A property manager managing a landlord tenant dispute
Property MaintenanceManaging Landlord And Tenant Maintenance Disputes The Right Way
Disputes between landlords and tenants on maintenance issues are sometimes inevitable, but there is a right way to managing them and making sure the outcome favours everyone involved.
A house with money bags around it, signalling an increase in value
Property MaintenanceHow Property Maintenance Can Increase Your Property's Value
Did you know correctly done maintenance can increase your property's value in the rental and sellers market? Let us walk you through how that works.
Keeping an owner in the loop on the maintenance process
Property MaintenanceHere's How We Keep You And Your Tenant In The Loop On The Maintenance Process
Communication can make or break a maintenance request, but how do we keep everyone in the loop on what's going on, here's how we do it.
A look into how we property management and maintenance on our Owner App
Property MaintenanceHow :Different Does Property Management And Maintenance
Maintenance is a crucial aspect of owning an investment, but how does it look like in the market versus us? Here's is how we approach maintenance and take care of your biggest asset as if it were our own.
A piggy bank with glasses on taking notes on annual home maintenance costs
Property Maintenance6 Annual Home Maintenance Costs That Help Save Money In The Future
Annual maintenance costs can actually help reducing your overall costs in the future, here's how it works!
A landlord wondering who is responsible for the maintenance of a rental property
Property MaintenanceWho Is Responsible For The Maintenance Of A Rental Property?
As an owner, if you're confused who is responsible for the maintenance of your rental home, you've come to the right place. Here's what you need to know on the responsibilities of property maintenance and on whose shoulders does it lie.
A gavel and a pad, with a home in the background
Property MaintenanceRental Property Maintenance Laws Explained For Property Investors
Meeting rental property maintenance laws is extremely important, it can safeguard you from hefty fines and allow you to keep your tenants happy, here's how you stay up to date on what's important.
A man in a hazmat suit conducting a pest control maintenance check
Property MaintenanceWhy Pest Control Maintenance Is Important For Your Rental Property
In Australia, pests infections are common. Owners know the pain of managing pests, this blog will dive into pest maintenance, how it's done, why it is done, types of pest maintenance and how it helps your property in the long run.
A woman holding a property maintenance inspection checklist
Property MaintenanceHow Timely Property Maintenance Inspections Can Help Protect Your Rental Home
Regular inspection's can help you iron out any issues that may come up before they become big maintenance tasks. Here's all you need to know about maintaining your home through timely maintenance checks
A woman relaxing on the floor with a coffee reading
Property Maintenance6 Myths About Rental Property Maintenance Debunked
You may be a jack-of-all-trades and be able to understand the how’s and why’s of property maintenance, but there are some common misconceptions we have cleared but in this blog.
A well maintained home, increasing your investment property's value
Property MaintenanceTop 5 Reasons To Keep Your Investment Property Well Maintained
A well maintained home is very attractive. But what is the incentive for you, an owner to keep their property well maintained? In this article we'll list out the advantages of well-maintained home.
A woman using property maintenance tips to paint her own home
Property Maintenance9 House Maintenance Tips For Property Owners
Here are 9 house maintenance tips that will help owners like you save time and money.
Cost-effective maintenance means you can save your money
Property Maintenance8 Cost-Effective Maintenance Measures That Won't Break Your Bank
Property maintenance is best when done as a preventive action rather than a cure, here are 8 such measures that'll save you money in the future.
building maintenance
Property MaintenanceManaging Varying Types Of Property Maintenances Based On Property Types
From new properties to summer houses by the beach, different types of properties have different maintenance requirements. Here's all you need to know on keeping your property type in top condition.
renovating rental property
Property MaintenanceUnlocking Value From Rental Property Renovations
By following our investment property renovation tips, you can add significant value to your rental.
filling out entry condition report
Property MaintenanceEntry Condition Report Checklist: Is Everything There?
Who will foot the bill to fix the floor? The Entry Condition Report has your answer. In this article, we explain why the ECR is important, the process of using it, and a full checklist with all the items it should include.
property maintenance
Property MaintenanceHow to win at budgeting for your investment property maintenance
What is property maintenance? Let’s begin with the basics: operating and capital expenses. Understanding this simple breakdown can help you plan your future cash outflow related to your rental property and get you building up your property empire in no time.
Property Maintenance5 tax-deductible home improvements you can make today
A happy tenancy is the ideal for both owners and tenants. So, why not make some additions and improvements to your investment property that’ll add a little sweetness to your tenants’ lives? Here’s 5 home additions that are bound to make your tenants smile, and the best of all? They’re tax deductible too!
mac screen
Property MaintenanceOur new maintenance tracker
We’ve welcomed an exciting new addition to our home page: a property maintenance tracker! This addition will give both tenants and owners a little more insight into how quickly we handle these requests.
Property MaintenanceCost effective renovations for your investment property
Updating your investment property doesn’t have to break the bank and has a myriad of benefits such as increasing the property value. We’ve pulled together some tips on makings some budget friendly renovations to your investment property:
Property MaintenancePet-proofing your investment property
With rental laws changing and properties becoming more pet friendly, why not start thinking about what minor changes can be made to ensure your tenants and their pets are comfortable in the rental property.
Property MaintenanceLow cost, low effort garden ideas
From courtyards to a sprawling garden, even an outdoor space in a rental property can be a deal-maker for many tenants. Here are a few easy garden ideas that won't break the bank:
solar panels
Property MaintenanceIs solar an investment you should consider?
Solar energy has been a hot topic for the past 10 years, and with both national and state schemes in place to reward those investing in solar it’s time to see if it's worth the investment.
mother with kids
Property MaintenanceUpgrading to a smart home? Here are 4 gadgets to get you started
Why not let smart tech make your life a little bit easier around the home? Here are some key pieces of smart home technology you can get today to start turning your house smarter and life easier.
pet dog sleeping
Property MaintenanceShould you accept pets in your rental properties?
Accepting pets in your rental properties can be a bit risky, but that doesn’t mean you should make it im-paws-ible for renters to bring their pets along. Here are some tips for avoiding cat-astrophe when it comes to renters and pets:
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