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What to expect as a tenant when leasing with :Different

Published 23rd June 2021Updated 6th April 2023

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Securing a rental property shouldn’t be a tedious, time-consuming process. We know tenants want the convenience of being able to search and book inspections online and submit their applications in minutes. So, we’re using tech to streamline the leasing process.

From scouting out rental listings to tracking the status of every application, we keep tenants and owners (like you) up-to-date every step of the way.
To give you full transparency of what to expect when leasing a rental with :Different, let’s walk you through the entire process for your tenants from start to finish.

Your tenant starts their rental search online

The first step of the leasing process is to capture the attention of potential tenants. And that begins online as prospective tenants head to real estate websites such as Domain or
We know scrolling through listings can be a drag for tenants, so we work hard to give them an accurate snapshot of every rental managed by :Different.
Expect a stack of hi-res photos, floor plans and thorough listing descriptions of your rental to grab the attention of tenants and reveal exactly what to expect from the property and the local area.

Your tenant books in for an inspection

Once they’ve spotted your rental and decided it ticks their boxes, it’s time for your tenant to secure an inspection. We host inspections for each property twice each week, with the latest inspection times updated every Monday on both and Domain.

To register their interest, tenants jump online to view our available listings in NSW, VIC and QLD. Once they locate your property, they simply click ‘Book Inspection’ and follow the prompts.

We know tenants have a lot on their plate, and these inspection times might not suit everyone’s busy schedule. That’s why we also offer the option to request an inspection time, and our team will do our best to host a private viewing.

Your tenant attends the inspection and decides it’s the right property for them

After viewing the property, your tenant decides they’re ready to submit an application. We’ll shoot everyone who came to your property’s inspection a quick text message 30 minutes after the viewing with a link to easily apply online.

On a side note, we make sure every applicant has seen the property in person before applying (or via a FaceTime inspection if they’re moving from interstate). Hence, tenants know exactly what they’re applying for. If that’s not possible, the applicant will need to sign a waiver agreeing to accept the property without viewing beforehand and accept any risks that come with this decision.

But back to the application process. Once the applicant has filled out the online form, they’ll receive an email confirming that their application is under review.

Behind the scenes, our team will handle all the employment and background checks needed and present you with a shortlist of suitable tenants to review. At this point, applicants will receive another email updating them that their application has been forwarded to the property owner, so they’re never left guessing about the status of their application.

We know tenants want to move quickly, which is why we do our best to let all applicants know whether they’ve been successful or not within 3-4 days. To streamline communications, we wait until we receive the holding deposit from the successful applicant before we notify unsuccessful applicants.

The successful tenant is notified that their application has been approved

Once you’ve selected the successful applicant, it’s time to prepare them to move in. This is the part your tenant has been waiting for: approval. Once you’ve given the green light for their application, they’ll receive another email from us sharing the good news.

To finalise this approval, they’ll need to pay the holding deposit, bond and sign the lease (which are all easily sorted out online).
With all the paperwork in order, our team will work with the tenant and you to lock in a move-in date and arrange for the tenant to pick up the keys at a time that suits them. 

Your tenant moves into your rental within a few weeks

Before move-in day, one of our property experts will visit your property to complete an entry condition report. Once your tenant moves in, we’ll ask them to complete and sign off on the entry condition report and send this back to our team. 

We’ll also get your tenant set up on the :Different Tenant App, the all-in-one spot for everything related to their rental. We’ll save a copy of their signed lease here and set up direct deposits through the app (so you’ll never be chasing up rental payments again).

And if any repairs or maintenance issues crop up, your tenant can jump onto the app and quickly alert our team to the issue in a timely manner. With all their rental records and communications in one place, they’ll never be left wondering about the status of repairs or maintenance requests either (and the quality of your rental will be safeguarded, too).

When it comes to leasing with :Different, expect tech to streamline every step of the application and approval process. We know securing a new tenant quickly is your top priority, which is why we handle the entire journey with frequent updates to keep you in the loop. And once you’ve secured a high-quality tenant, you’ll be kept up-to-date with the status of repairs, maintenance and rental payments via your Owner App, too.

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