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Published 24th March 2020Updated 4th April 2023

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It’s a challenging time for everyone and we understand that the last thing our customers want is to worry about something to do with their homes. 

We’re taking a proactive approach and following government announcements closely. We can assure you that we are well set up to continue essential operations through this period.

There will be ongoing changes and disruptions so please be understanding of the situation if we can’t help you out immediately.

Private viewings only with open homes cancelled

Announced at 9pm 24 March, all open homes are cancelled in Australia. We have prepared for this situation and have completely changed our process to facilitate the leasing of a property.

  • Only vacant properties can be available to view
  • Open times will be advertised as usual, but extended to allow only 1 group to enter at a time 
  • Everyone is instructed to not touch any surfaces
  • We are actively exploring self-service viewing methods using digital keyboxes

Rental hardship

It’s a tough time for a lot of people in Australia, and we understand that paying rent may be difficult. If you’re experiencing hardship, please fill out this form to provide information about your situation so that we can take it to the owner for review.

Apply for rental hardship consideration

Signing a lease / key handover

All of our document signing is done online and. We will have one person rostered into the office to provide key pickup opportunities but we can mail the keys to you if you prefer. Please contact if you need to figure out a plan.


  • Tenants should submit maintenance requests through their tenant app as usual
  • Any urgent repairs will be conducted as needed however it may take longer than usual as some of our regular tradies will be unavailable
  • For non-urgent repairs, we will still process these requests as usual but the issues may be postponed

Switching to :Different

We are still accepting new properties from owners, but have modified our process. These changes included:

  • Our sales team are set up to do video conferencing or phone calls
  • After signing, if you have an existing property manager we are now requesting them to email the key documents to us instead of picking it up from their office
  • Keys will be sent via mail or courier depending on the urgency

Inspections & Condition Reports

  • We are suspending all routine inspections until further notice
  • Entry condition report (when you move in) and outgoing reports (when you move out) will continue
  • Owners will temporarily not be invited to be present for inspections

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