Expanding your portfolio?

Published 16 July 2019 by Alexandra Thompson

If you are considering expanding your investment portfolio & purchasing more properties, have a read of some of our top posts for advice & tips.

Our top auction tips

Whether this is your first or fifth auction, bidding can be intimidating. Setting yourself up for success at an auction can be the difference between winning the property you want for a fair price, getting carried away and paying far too much, or letting the property go.

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What is rentvesting and is it right for you?

Until recently, property prices have been soaring especially in Sydney and Melbourne suburbs. The kind of places that many of us like to live. As a result, rentvesting has become a popular way for many first-time property owners to enter the market and continue to live the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

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How to maximise from Off the Plan developments

If purchased correctly and with care, off the plan apartments have the potential to be a sound wealth creation tool. However, like many investments, they are fraught with danger and are a much riskier proposition than buying a property that is already built.

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