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We're now in the Gold Coast

Published 4th March 2020Updated 4th April 2023

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New year, new location! We’ve recently opened our Gold Coast office and are ready to dive in and help landlords save time, energy and money. So, why did we choose Gold Coast as our newest property management hotspot?

Apart from being the home to vast amusement parks, stunning coastlines and a bustling nightlife, the Gold Coast has also enjoyed steady growth in house prices and a high demand for accommodation. The median house price has grown an astonishing 21% in the past 3 years with no signs of stopping, making it a perfect spot for real estate investment!

With its population set to grow to 1.2 million by the year 2050 and an array of international developments happening, the sunny Gold Coast is a projected growth area that can’t be missed.

Property managers and agents play a vital role when it comes to Gold Coast property management.

What are the best areas in the Gold Coast to invest?

Southport, Gold Coast

Southport is the bustling CBD of the Gold Coast and is surrounded by an array of shopping and dining options. Whilst being away from the tourist epicenter of the Gold Coast, it still enjoys extraordinary growth and infrastructure development. The suburb has yielded a 3% increase in median house price last year as well as consistent rental growths each year, making it a perfect location to invest in.

The suburb is also well serviced by public transport with seven light rail stations within it as well as two major bus stations. The planned construction of multiple high rise towers and investments from large international companies makes it a suburb that’s worth to watch.

Reedy Creek, Gold Coast

Reedy Creek is a suburb that houses a number of high quality private colleges, making it the perfect family friendly location. Located just 17 kms from the Gold Coast CBD, it’s well situated in close vicinity to a range of facilities such as shopping centers, parks and public transport.

The suburb delivers a strong appreciation in property prices with equally high rental yields and long term return. If you’re looking for a peaceful, quaint suburb that’s in close proximity to everything the Gold Coast has to offer, then look no further!

Labrador, Gold Coast

Labrador has been enjoying increasing popularity with investors due to the opening of new facilities such as hospitals and medical amenities. Its quaint charm makes it the perfect place for families with kids as there are many schools located within walking distance.

This is the perfect suburb for those wanting to be away from the center of the bustling tourist attractions but still being in close proximity to the beach and Gold Coast’s infamous theme parks. In terms of capital gain, the suburb has been enjoying generous growth the past few years with a potential 4% increase in rental yield.

These are our top picks for the best suburbs to invest in Gold Coast. Do you agree with our selections? What other suburbs do you think are worth investing in?

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