Introducing 3D Virtual Inspections

Published 07 April 2020 by Ivy Yu

At :Different, we are constantly looking for ways to provide better service to our owners and tenants. Our mix of intuitive technology and talented employees have helped us redefine the property management sphere and in bringing innovative solutions to both parties. To deliver a better overall experience for both tenants and owners, we are now offering 3D virtual inspections for property listings!

We understand that many owners may be facing uncertainty in their property’s tenancy and may be wondering how we can help them secure suitable tenants in these unprecedented times. In the face of change, we have decided to adopt this innovative technology to not only ensure a faster leasing process but also provide a safer environment for tenants, owners and our team members alike. With 3D virtual tours, owners can showcase all aspects of their property in high-resolution and allow potential tenants to conduct a house tour from the comfort of their own home.

Watch our 3D virtual tours in action below:

Turning your property into a 3D tour

By giving potential tenants access to a virtual tour, your property will receive more exposure and subsequently more inquiries (Domain estimates that listings with a virtual tour included receive on average 80% more inquiries). Individuals with a packed schedule may find it difficult making it to physical inspections essentially cutting them off from the application pool and forgoing the possibility of a great tenancy. The virtual nature of our 3D tours allows potential tenants to view a property at their own discretion and convenience. This broadens the number of potential tenants applying to your property, allowing us to select the best and most suitable individual from a larger selection pool. 

If you are planning to relet your property while existing tenants are still living in the property, our 3D virtual technology can help eliminate the hassle involved in scheduling multiple follow up inspections that arise with traditional house inspections.  This process can often be arduous and can disrupt both party’s personal agendas involving a lot of back and forth communication. Potential tenants can re-engage with a property multiple times whenever they wish without the need of disturbing any individual’s schedules. Owners who choose to enlist virtual tours for their property listings will have their professional photography fee waived as our 3D virtual technology will subsequently undertake this procedure.

"By giving potential tenants access to a virtual tour, your property will receive more exposure and subsequently more inquiries"

Look for a new home from the comfort of your couch

Prospective tenants no longer have to spend their Saturdays driving between open homes to find a suitable property. Our 3D virtual tours allow tenants to conduct self-guided tours of homes and move through each room at their own pace. With the high-definition images, they can also pay additional attention to specific areas if they wish to and place themselves around the property as they would in a traditional physical inspection. The overhead view and interactive floor plans also allow prospective tenants to conduct measurements and visualise whether their furniture will fit into the property space.

We understand that tenants may face uncertainty in not knowing if property features are as they appear. Our technology can help provide an accurate impression of all aspects of the home, giving them the confidence in knowing that what they see is what they will actually receive. Each virtual tour also has its own unique QR code so that tenants can share their inspection experience with fellow housemates and partners, relieving them of the inconvenience involved in coordinating physical inspections together.

For more information on our 3D virtual tours and how you can have one organised for your listing, email us at

"Our 3D virtual tours allow tenants to conduct self-guided tours of homes and move through each room at their own pace"

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