Landlord pain spotlight (Finding and keeping great tenants)

Published 04 July 2019 by Team :Different

In our Landlord Pain Spotlights, we uncover the biggest issues landlords are facing right now. We deal with rental properties day in and day out and it’s our mission to create a world where landlords live in peace with their tenants AND property managers – yes, we believe such a world is possible!

Pain #1: Finding (and keeping!) great tenants

No property investor wants to be out of pocket because their property is untenanted or they’re constantly needing to find new ones. That’s why at :Different we take a two-step approach to leasing: finding you the best, high-quality, long-term tenants AND working hard to keep them there.

Finding the best tenants

Our team of leasing experts use best-in-class practices to attract the right calibre of tenants for your property. Here is everything that happens before a tenant application arrives to you:

Keeping your tenants

It’s a fine line between looking after tenants to keep them happy and fulfilling their every whim. Here at :Different, we happily walk the line to ensure both our landlords and tenants are satisfied and not unnecessarily put out of pocket.

Our tenant app is unique to :Different and allows tenants easy access to information on their rental agreement. From the app, tenants can easily log claims for any maintenance or repair work they require alongside photos or videos (if required). Our property managers quickly assess all claims made through the app and will only come to the landlord with substantiated, reasonable claims. We have developed a network of trusted tradespeople so you are always paying a fair price.

Landlords have their own owner portalwhere they can access leases, statements, maintenance requests and more. We believe through our smart, easy to use technology we can bridge the communication gap so both tenants and landlords feel heard and understood.