Finding and keeping great tenants

Published 4 July 2019 - Updated 9 hours ago

No property investor wants to be out of pocket because their property is untenanted or they’re constantly needing to find new ones. That’s why at :Different we take a two-step approach to leasing: finding you the best, high-quality, long-term tenants AND working hard to keep them there.

Finding the most suitable, long-term tenants

Our team of leasing experts use best-in-class practices to attract the right calibre of tenants for your investment property. Here is everything that happens before a tenant application arrives to you:

Our step-by-step approach:

1. Strategy

The first step to a successful leasing campaign is ensuring we have the right strategy in place. This involves a rental appraisal from one of our local property experts, to properly assess the correct price to put your property at for maximum return and minimum vacancy time. We will always collaborate with you to ensure you are happy with the price we set it at. 

2. Preparing your campaign

Right away, the team will begin drafting up your ad. Our marketing team will draft up the ad copy to make it as appealing as possible. If required, we will arrange for a photographer to go out to your property at the earliest time possible. Once we have your ad ready to go, we will email you a preview to approve.

3. Getting your ad online

Once you have approved the ad, we will set it live and promote it to the highest level on both and Domain to ensure top placements and the highest amount of traffic possible. 

4. Running open homes

At the next available date, we will start running open homes for your property twice a week: midweek, and on the weekend. In every city we service, we have dedicated local teams who run our open homes. 

5. Keeping you in the loop

You will receive regular updates on how your leasing campaign is going; this includes live feedback from your open homes, a weekly check-in call and price reviews if required.

6. Reviewing applications

We put every application through a series of background checks before they come to you. We will always give you our honest advice on tenant applications as we want to find you the most suitable, long-term tenants.

7. Securing the one

Once you have approved a tenant application, we get started on organizing your new tenant's move-in: key handover, paper signing and getting them set up on their new tenant app. 

Keeping your tenants happy

It’s a fine line between looking after tenants to keep them happy and fulfilling their every whim. Here at :Different, we happily walk the line to ensure both our owners and tenants are satisfied and not unnecessarily put out of pocket.

Our tenant app is unique to :Different and allows tenants easy access to information on their rental agreement. From the app, tenants can easily log claims for any property maintenance or repair work they require alongside photos or videos (if required) which includes routine inspections as well. Our property managers quickly assess all claims made through the app and will only come to the landlord with substantiated, reasonable claims. We have developed a network of trusted tradespeople so you are always paying a fair price. Learn more about our maintenance process here.

Our owners have their own owner app and online portalwhere they can access leases, statements, maintenance requests and more. We believe through our smart, easy-to-use technology we can bridge the communication gap so both tenants and owners feel heard and understood.

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